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How To Setup VHF Wireless Microphone System

How To Use VHF Wireless Microphone System

Thank you for purchasing VHF’s excellent wireless microphone series products, please read this instruction carefully so that you can understand how to operate the product you bought correctly.

This wireless microphone system used a low consumption discharging technique with a super-sensitive UHF high band frequency receiver and was controlled with a 15ppm crystal.


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USING-STORING: Don’t place the product in a high moist and high school electronic magnetize place, or in a sunshine shine directly and a high-temperature surrounding. If you do not use it for a long period, please put out the power plug. And withdraw the battery from the microphone.

CLEANING: You must put out the power plug before you clean this unit But do not use the volatility gas, diligent liquid, and other chemical medicine.

ACCESSORIES: Please use the accessories made by the manufacturing factory or ones qualified by them.

POWER: The power of this until is only available to the standard on the label listed, please confirm whether it can be used with the voltage in your zone.

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MAINTENANCE: Don’t maintain it by yourself, Maybe shocked by the dangerous voltage when you open the outer shell. it Should be maintained by a technical repairer.

PARTS CHANGED: If some part needs to be changed, should be matched with the specification of manufacture or used original one, or caused by making fire or other danger as hock, etc.

SAFETY CHECKING: If the machine has broken down or worked with low function, please ask a professional require to adjust it, but please don’t open the outer shell to adjust it by yourself, please contact the agent in your location they will serve you sincerely.

LOW BATTERY SIGNAL: If your voice is cracking that simply means the microphone battery is low. Quickly replace it with a new li-on MIC battery.

If you have any Problem concerning the VHF Microphone scroll down and drop your comment.


  1. The product should be set in a ventilated and heat radiating place. For example, don’t lay it on the bed, save, carpet and sun, avoid aeration. And don’t also lay it on a bookcase or chest, and some settings that in order to block the air flowing.
  2. Power line should be avoided to be trampled, is not ventilation and avoid something extrusion on it especially, you should take notice to protect plag connect, And don’t close the line, which is fetched from the equipment, in order to keep the plug.
  3. If you want to turn off the power, Please handle the socket of power well, and don’t put it out by force, If your hand is wet don’t touch the power line, Because it can cause electric shock, and if you notice the power supply is bad you either change it or take it to the nearest repairer.
  4. You can draw out the socket and adjust the right angle and direction, in order to archive the best result.
  5. Please remove the batter if you don’t use it for a long time.
  6. Don’t put it at a high temperature to avoid damage to the chipset
  7. Don’t keep it around radio frequency to avoid frequency jams.

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