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How To Pack Your Hair Styles With Shenfuting Bun

How To Use Shenfuting Bun To Change Your Hair Styles

Learn how to use a shenfuting bun to pack or change your hair to any pattern of your choice kindly follow the instructions below.

Section A

1) Do the hair up like a horsetail, about 2-3 cun above the hair.
2) Curl the hair in the right direction tightly.
4) With the same Directions in picture 7, fix the Shenfuting bun on your hair.

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Section B

1) Do the hair up high like a horsetail.
2) Curl the hair in the right direction tightly to the end of the hair.

3) Round the curled hair to the top head.
4) Push the end of hair into the plait.
5) Put a bun into the plaited one cun outer, extend ahead of, and stick the head tightly.
6) Turu the bun, so that the tip of the bun extends to the other end.
7) Do the same thing as the first one, until the plait is tightly fixed.

Section C

1) keep the original line. firstly, do up the hair on one side, then curl the hair to the end, secondly. Do up the hair on the other side as you did just now.
2) Cover the curled hair with the rest, then curl and fasten the end of the hair.
3) With the same directions as picture 7, insert the Shenfuting bun into the plait.
4) If you want to do up the bun beautifully. Do as the directions in picture 7, tidy up the hair, then insert the Shenfuting bun.

Advice: Please don’t share the Shenfuting bun with others in order to avoid contracting diseases. Get one and make it personal for yourself.

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Never go to bed with it, because it can hurt, also remember to keep it away from children. advise your child not to play with it because it is dangerous for children to play with.

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