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Technology News Review Telegram Ads Advertising Exchange Cost & Bot Review Review: Telegram is actively developing all over the world. That’s why we’ve decided to launch Telega io. It’s a service for advertising your business on Telegram channels.

Telega io connects people who want to buy advertising in Telegram with people who sell it all over the world.

There are 7060+ active channels in our catalog. And It’s only the beginning.

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Telegram advertising bot

How can the Telegram advertising bot market change after the launch of the official ad platform?

In December, we completed research on the Telegram advertising market in Russia in partnership with Dmitry Anatolyevich Kornilov, Doctor of Economics.

According to our (not-yet-published) research, the volume of the Russian language advertising market in Telegram channels in 2020 amounted to 172 million USD. Based on this value, we discussed within the team that the market in 2021 will grow by a minimum of 30% and a maximum of 50%.

After Pavel Durov’s post, we understand that thanks to the launch of the advertising platform, we will get a powerful PR effect and expect the Russian-speaking and worldwide market to grow by 3-5 times.

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Recall, the TOP-5 countries by DAU (number of active users) Telegram for October 2020: India, Indonesia, Russia, USA, and Brazil. After Pavel Durov’s announcement, we expect our English language Telegram ad exchange next year to grow much faster than initial forecasts.

How will Telegram monetization affect current ad exchanges?

It seemed to us that this quote from paragraph 6 was addressed specifically to us because we are one of the largest advertising exchanges in Telegram:

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Our massive public one-to-many channels can have millions of subscribers each day and are more like Twitter feeds. In many markets, the owners of such channels display ads to earn money, sometimes using third-party ad platforms.

We answer Pavel: Launching an advertising platform IS COOL! Finally, this will help the “Wild West” in Telegram to grow and…become more civilized. We know that many owners of Telegram channels are now very worried about their income. But no need. It will probably grow.

Telegram Ads Minimum Budget

Check below to know telegram ads minimum budget, Discounts, and more: fresh updates at I am happy to share last week’s updates!

1.) Discounts: Channel owners can now give discounts for repeat and wholesale orders.

How to find channels with wholesale discounts

Use a special filter in the catalog and select 2 or more placements to activate the discount.

How to find channels with repeat discounts

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The discount will appear after the first campaign on the channel is completed.

How To Add A Discount For A Channel

Go to the section “My channels and chats” and enable this feature in the channel editing mode.

2.) Ordering a unique offer is now easier

You proceed to place an advertising order immediately after purchasing the unique offer. Our managers will launch the ad.

Telegram Channel Catalogs Online

New channels have applied to the exchange over the past week

Only 65% (79 channels) were approved and added to it.

Our support team constantly monitors the quality of the channels, because it helps:

  • Advertisers get a high-quality result from the first placement
  • Channel owners receive a constant stream of ads

If you have questions about moderating your channel, or advertising campaign, please contact the support service (

Our team will promptly help with any technical questions.

If your channel has not been moderated the first time, you can re-apply after 30 days.

Telegram Ads Cost

Here is the list of Telegram Ads Costs check the table below

Ads FormatsPricePeriod
Pin Ads$2024 hours
Sponsored Ads$50128 Hours
Image & Video Ads$1001 Month
Telegram Ads Cost Table

How to sell ads on telegram channel

You can sell ads on the Telegram channel through their official website or bot. Connect bot. It is useful for both advertisers and channel owners.

How can I get started selling ads on Telegram channel?

  1. Browse available Channel
  2. Select tasks based on your topics and your interests
  3. Fill out the report when you will complete the task
  4. When our manager checks the task, you will receive your reward on the balance

Our team will provide services to users as the official advertising platform and as our exchange. A complex approach.

And help us tell the world about Telegram Ad Exchange! Affiliate Program

Earn with via the Affiliate program.

Refer visitors to and earn 3.9% of all customer payments.

Start today:

  • Register in Affiliate Program
  • Share and Recommend: Share information about with your audience.
  • You have unique links
  • You are free to earn.

A detailed chart and table of referred users and earned commissions will help you manage your activities.

Join today to increase your additional income with us

Telegram Ads Manager

Telegram ads manager this is a record for us! We hope that the positive trends of successful orders will continue, and the number of new orders will increase in May.

Also, new features will appear on the platform:

  • Channel owners will be able to provide discounts for advertisers.
  • The Channel owner will be able to use the calendar to set a free date for publication.
  • We will improve the rating system.

Telegram catalog bot

How To Get More Telegram Ads Orders: So, you have a Telegram channel that you have added to the exchange catalog to receive advertising orders and get more profit.

You may be getting several orders a few times per month, but you want to increase this number.

How Do I Achieve That?

Follow six simple steps that will improve your visibility in the exchange catalog. Review review: Let’s take a look at examples from Instagram and YouTube. The arrival of official monetization on these sites was an additional boost for development, and it also objectively improved the quality and quantity of content. is a Russian version of

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