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Blogging For High Cost Per Click Revenue

Blogging For High Cost Per Click Revenue: A blogger friend of mine, named Fred (whom I tutored anyway) makes $50 minimum monthly (sometimes lower) from his blog (through affiliate marketing).

It takes him two months to make sound $100 sometimes $140-$150 (on good days).

Now he has discovered his other side of potential, — freelancing and copywriting.

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He told me that if he can write product reviews (which I taught him the basics) he can write on any niche (all he needs is research). Surprisingly he started marketing his skills and just yesterday he told me he has made his first $500. I was so happy for him.

I advised him to also channel that same energy to his blog to maximize monthly income, he said he has lost morale in blogging. That he thinks freelancing and copywriting are his calling.

Lol. I wonder how freelancers cope with writing content for people. Mehn, my biggest challenge is content writing, don’t get me wrong, I do that a lot, but it’s tiresome to write for my own blog weekly not to talk of writing for 5-10 clients in a week. Dam!!. That’s a whole lot of work. But he’s doing great in Upwork. And I’m very happy for him.

To all the freelancers on this group, you guys are doing well.

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