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How To Generate $45,000 Profit In 11 Days

How to generate $45,000 profit in 11 days: I’m putting a few folks together in a room (virtually) for 3 days and showing them how we recently generated a $45,000 profit in 11 days with nothing more than:

  • A few carefully constructed Facebook posts
  • A couple of 5 – 10 minute FB Messenger convos
  • A killer offer that fit their needs (which I crafted in a few hours)
  • A payment link to collect the $$$

No fancy funnels, 3-hour sales calls, or ‘hard’ convincing.

I’m pumped to work with the folks who jump on this & help them implement this magnificently simple system into their own business & crank out 4 & 5-figure paydays at will.

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