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How To Keep Your Yellow Card Crypto Account Safe

Your account’s security is a priority for us at Yellow Card so you can rest assured that your funds are always safe on our Crypto platform.

But we also want to make sure you don’t fall victim to crypto scams while using our platform. Keep these tips in mind as you enjoy your weekend with the Yellow Card exchange rate.

1. Yellow Card Is Not A Crypto Investment Platform

Yellow Card is a crypto exchange that lets you buy and sell crypto with your local currency. We don’t trade on behalf of our customers or offer profits on your cryptocurrency.

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If anyone reaches out to you offering profits on crypto in your YC account, they are most likely scammers; block and report them immediately.

2. Check The Sender Of Emails That Look Like They Are From us

Scammers use phishing emails to pretend to be Yellow Card and deceive unsuspecting customers to click some links so they can steal their Crypto login details.

Check every email you get from Yellow Card to ensure it is indeed from our official addresses and not from any other domains such as or

3. Always Do Your Own Research

You’ll likely hear about several crypto opportunities, giveaways, and airdrops this period. It is always best to do due diligence before sending crypto to anyone for any of these reasons.

Crypto sent out of your Yellow Card wallet cannot be recovered so you should be sure before sending it out of your wallet.

You should also never share your password with anyone, not even anyone claiming to be us (we would never ask for it!).


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Pro Tip: Turn on 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) so no one else can access your account without your approval.

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Credits: Yellow Card io

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