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How To Get Moniepoint Pos Agent Machine & Charges

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To get the Moniepoint button or Android pos terminal you need an agent who will connect you to where you’ll purchase it. But, before that kindly check if you are qualified to start a POS business.

For you to be a qualified moniepoint pos agent you have to be a gentle, kind, and lovely person. You’ve to mind how you respond to people in times of DECLINED transactions with the machine.

Moniepoint pos machine is the best within Nigeria if you are searching for the best POS terminal to start business with, including low charges kindly go for monie point is preferable.

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How To Start Moniepoint Pos Business

To start a moniepoint pos business you need a least $300 (₦100000) to begin with, a shop or big umbrella with 2 chairs, good mobile services such as MTN, Airtel, Glo, and 9mobile networks.

Make sure you have an android phone in order to monitor bank networks so that, you will not fall into Declined issues with your customers.

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How Much Does Moniepoint Charge Per Transaction?

Moniepoint pos charges table.

How Do I Become Moniepoint Agent?

To become moniepoint pos agent is very easy, go to Google play store and download their official android App. Open the app tap on create account if you are a new user and then fill all the required documents.

Moniepoint Pos Requirements:

  1. Full Name
  2. Residential Address
  3. National ID Card
  4. Passports
  5. Bank Verification Number (NIN)
  6. Your Active Phone Contact
  7. Photo Of Your Shop In And Out
  8. Your Business Name
  9. Email Address
  10. Bank Account Details

How Much Is The Moniepoint POS Machine In Nigeria?

You can get moniepoint pos machine at ₦35000 depending on your locations. If you reside in Northern Nigeria it will cost you ₦50k. For those living in South will get it at ₦40k through waybill.

What Is Monie Point?

Monie Point is a financial education company that provides online courses and resources for people who want to learn more about personal finance via pos machine.

Their mission is to help people make informed decisions about their money and achieve their financial goals. They offer a variety of courses on a variety of topics, including budgeting, investing, and retirement planning.

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Monie point also have a library of articles and videos, and they offer free consultations with financial advisors.

Monie Point is also known as a financial platform that allows users to send and receive money with friends, family and other people they know. It’s a free app to download and use, and there are low fees to send or receive money.

Monie Point also has a built-in messaging system so users can communicate with each other while they’re sending and receiving money.

Moniepoint Commission

Moniepoint Commission Table

How To Get Moniepoint Button & Android Pos Terminal

You can get 4 to 7 moniepoint button or Android pos terminal delivered to your door step or at any nearest park. Another alternative, message MP-Agent on whatsapp with this contact 08141500017 or send mail to for quick responds.

In case you don’t get it, simply use our comment box.

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