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Google Adsense No Payment Methods Yet After Deleted My Old Account

Hello guys, I bring good news to you, Google AdSense has finally fixed the dashboard payment methods not displaying A.K.A (No payment methods yet) to all Adsense users.

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if you are still seeing “payment method not available yet” please kindly follow my steps and ready to teach and show you how to solve these AdSense issues. 

Why is AdSense not displaying my payment methods?

The reason AdSense refused to display the payment method is because you have not verified your identity via National 🆔 or Drivers license. 

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  • Your tax information is incomplete. 
  • You’ve not verify your payment address through the four digits pin sent to your post office.

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I Deleted My Old AdSense Payment Methods

Now that you have deleted your old payment method the next thing is to add another one, but the option to add a new AdSense payment method is not displaying rather you are seeing “No payment methods yet” keep reading to find the solution.

According Google Adsense team “We are currently working on this issue when we are done we let you.” this is to tell you that something is wrong somewhere.

AdSense is trying to tell you “paraphrase by my” the person that deleted the old payment method is not the owner of the account.

Now AdSense will start tracking and monitor your actions to know if you are owner by hiding the new payment option from displaying. 

How long will AdSense hide payment methods from me?

Google Adsense robot will hide it from 2-4 weeks just to confirm if you own the account. 

AdSense bot decided to delay it to check if someone else will use one of your IP to login from another device. If no logins from another device the robot will automatically restore payment options. 

How To Fix Google Adsense Technical Errors?

You’re are free to report any Google Adsense technical errors you encounter to their support team via the Adsense help Form page.

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I always come across technical difficulties when accessing AdSense dashboard such as:  

We apologize for the inconvenience, but we are unable to process your request at this time. Our engineers have been notified of these problems and will work to resolve them.

Google Adsense Replied.

This is the solution: Whenever you experience such errors kindly pause for 50-seconds and then reload the page again, and the error will disappear.

If you have any other questions that are not listed on this page please kindly drop a comment and let us solve the issues together. 

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