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Deaf people living in the United States have a unique experience. They often face discrimination and a lack of opportunity. However, there are also many deaf people who have found success in the United States.

This success can be attributed to the deaf community’s strong sense of identity and culture. Deaf Americans have made significant contributions to society in a wide variety of fields.

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Some of these contributions include: developing new methods of communication, founding schools for the deaf, and creating art and music that reflects the deaf experience.

There are about 40 million deaf people living in the United States. Many deaf people use American Sign Language as their primary form of communication.

There are also many deaf people who use spoken English. Some deaf people can hear but choose to use sign language because it is their preferred method of communication.

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Sign language is a complete, natural language that uses hand gestures and facial expressions to communicate. It is used by the deaf and hard of hearing all over the world.

WhatsApp Group Deaf USA List

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