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The Website Is Undergoing Scheduled Maintenance – See The Solution

How To Fix The Website Is Undergoing Scheduled Maintenance On WordPress

The website is undergoing scheduled maintenance. Sorry for the inconvenience come back a bit later, we will be ready soon!

I’m always seeing this error whenever I logged in to my WordPress dashboard, I’ve asked a lot of people but no good solution.

My heart bit faster whenever I come across WordPress undergoing scheduled maintenance for my blog.

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The reason why my heart always bit faster is due to my hosting company might not backup my posts on time, automatically that mine cause me to lose all my blog post and pages.

Though people suggest subscribing to jetpack auto-backup premier plans mine help in times of such errors, and you can easily recover back all your blog posts from their cloud servers.

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What Is The Cause?

Many people have asked such question in the WordPress forum and the answer is:

wordpress plugin update
an automated WordPress update has failed to complete

*This happened when your mobile internet network fails to connect.

*The plugin is not compatible with the latest WordPress update.

*Updating of your plugin failed due to poor and weak network signal.

What Is The Solution?

When this kind of WordPress undergoing scheduled maintenance occur, please kindly follow the below steps to know what next to do:

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¤ Just waits for 20-30 minutes it will automatically reverse everything back to normal.

¤ Quickly turn off your internet data service from your computer or mobile phone and reconnect it again.

¤ Check your mobile or Wi-Fi network signal to know whether is strong or weak.

¤Sorry for the inconvenience come back a bit later. we will be back ready.

If none of the above don’t work for you, kindly reach out to your host manager for assistance.

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How To Avoid Scheduled Maintenance

> Before you update your plugins you have to recheck your cellular network signal strength.

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> Make sure you turn off auto-update plugins.

> Always Keep your plugins up-to-date.

Conclusion On WordPress Scheduled Maintenance

When Some people come across this kind of WordPress error they quickly put all the blame on their hosting server.

But they fail to exercise patience, my dear the same fault is not from your hosting company is just a minor WordPress error message.

If you have any other solutions please kindly share them through the comment box.

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