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How To Get A Google Ads Certification

Google Ads Certification: Do you want to learn best practices for running all kinds of Google Ads campaigns? Do you want to increase your credibility with clients and current or future managers?

If yes, then getting Google Ads certifications is one of the best ways to do it.

Google Ads Certifications are the most accredited and recognized certifications for Google Ads because they are official certifications by Google.

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Here is the guide on how to get a Google Ads Certification:

  • Create or Select Your Google Account
  • Get started in Skillshop
  • Prepare for Exams
  • Pass the Assessment
  • Connect with Google Partners(Optional)

Google is known for constantly making changes to its ads platform, typically at the advertiser’s expense. That’s why it’s a good idea always to keep track of the latest Google Ads news.

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