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How To Fix Pyramid Blender In 2 Minutes

Fix Pyramid Blender: Pyramid blenders are one of the most popular kinds of blenders on the market today. Built from a durable base and designed with sharp, stainless steel blades that easily chop through spinach and other leafy greens, they’re great at blending fruit smoothies and protein shakes to perfection.

But like all kitchen appliances, things do go wrong sometimes, so here are some quick tips to help you troubleshoot any problems you might be having with your own pyramid blender.

The aim of this post is to guide and teach people how to fix/use the Pyramid Blender for the first time. Before I proceed, please kindly read the warnings below.

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  • Before connecting to the mains, make sure that the blender is completely mounted, and the speed selector is on “OFF” The voltage specified at the bottom side corresponds to the mains voltage.
  • Never put the blender to work without the jar mounted.
  • Keep the blender away from children.
  • When the motor is running do not place nor remove the jar.
  • Do not insert hard objects into the jar.
  • When the blade is rotating don’t put your hand in the jar.
  • Always remove the plug from the socket after use.

How To Use The Pyramid Blender

A. Stopper: Liquid ingredients (e.g Oil for the preparation of mayonnaise) can be added through the small aperture in the stopper when placed upside down (fig.1).

B. Opening in the lid: This opening can be used for adding ingredients when the motor is running (e.g Ice cubes). Unlock the stopper by turning it anti-clockwise.

C. Lid: Always place the lid securely before use. Turn the lid clockwise until locked.

D. Jar: Always remove the filled jar (together with the jar holder!) from the blender base after use.

E. Sealing ring.

F. Jar holder/Blade unit.

G. Motor housing.

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H. Speed selector.

I. Mains cord.

how to fix pyramid blender
Pyramid Blender Assembling

How To Fix Pyramid Blender

– Put the sealing ring in the jar holder (fig.2)

– Mount the jar holder by turning the jar clockwise until locked (fig.3)

Put the jar holder with the mounted jar on the motor housing. Turn the jar holder clockwise until locked (fig.4)

(Note: Do not dismount the killed jar without a jar holder!)

Place the lid onto the jar by turning it clockwise until locked.

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Speed Selection

Select the appropriate blending speed by sliding the control knob from “off”:

To the right for  minimum, medium, and maximum speed successively

To the left for very short (repetitive) operation (“pulse”).

Suggested Speeds. 

–  “Minimum” is for hot drinks (max.80°c)

– Medium” is for liquids and for the preparation of non-solid ingredients such as milkshakes. pancakes (light batter). omelets.

Maximum” is for meat and solid food such as cheese, coconut, and beans. nuts and ice cubes.

Pulse” is for ingredients that require repetitive on/off switching or only very short bending at maximum speed slide the knob to the left to switch the blender on. Release the knob to switch it off automatically

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Always have the lid on the jar when blending.

For  good results do not fill beyond 1500ml (fig.5)

It may be necessary to interrupt the blending from time to time and remove particles sticking onto the jar. Use a soft spatula for this purpose.

– Cut meat or other solid food into small pieces before putting them into the blender jar.

For good results with hard ingredients, feed a series of small portions into the jar rather than putting one large quantity into it.

– Blend only one ice cube at a time.

If the blending is not performed – quickly. switch off the appliance and switch a few times to “pulse”, stir the ingredients with a spatula (not while blending!) or reduce the contents of the jar.


Disassemble the jar and the jar holder after each use. Wash them in soapy water. Then rinse them with clean water. Do not wash them in a dishwasher. You can clean the motor housing with a humid cloth. Cleaning is easiest when done immediately after use.


Important: Never run empty, never place liquids in the bowl.

–  Will mill coffee beans, nuts chocolate to any degree of fineness, make bread, biscuit, and cornflake crumbs. It will not chop any item into bite-sized places.

To use the mill attachment

Place ingredients in the bowl. Bread, toast, or chocolate should be broken into smallish pieces. Do not fill beyond 2/3 of capacity.

– Make sure that the twist-lock lid is properly secured before switching it on.

– Depending on the degree of fineness of the ground coffee that is required, the mixer should be switched on from 15 to 20 seconds.


Important: Never run empty, never place liquids in the bowl.

– Parmesan and other cheeses  (except cream varieties) can be finely or coarsely grated within a few seconds.

To use the grater attachment

– Cut the cheese into small pieces and place it in the bowl. Do not fill beyond 2/3 of capacity.

– Replace the cover, make sure that the twist-lock lid is properly secured before switching on, and turn on the grater for about 10 seconds. The fineness of the grated cheese depends on the length of time the machine is run.

Things To Note

Do not operate the blender longer than 4 minutes at one time, stop for 2 minutes then resume.


  1. If the power cord is damaged, it must be changed by the maintenance station of the manufacturer or other qualified maintainer.
  2. This appliance is not prepared for weakly, slow action, and psychosis people (including children) use. Besides, there is a person who responds to their safe guide and/or helps them.
  3. Prevent children from using/playing with this appliance.
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