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There will be provisions for paid classes if you are not convinced that in this ethereum whatsapp group link it will benefit you don’t pay if you think you are too poor to afford the little amount the various tutors will charge for their services don’t pay👍 one thing I know for sure is that when there’s a will there’s a way.

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we still have lots of free classes upcoming sha so enjoy it while it lasts On Thursday The Degen Trading Tutorials will continue On Saturday We will have a class on social media management It’s another big crypto job opportunity The classes on graphics designing will also commence soon🙂

I just want others to finish up with their classes because that one will definitely take a longer time That will be held on Friday or Sunday I will have to speak with the tutor first before fixing an exact date Expect an update on that tomorrow.

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Ethereum WhatsApp Group

Alot lessons in this ethereum whatsapp group goes a long way even though sometimes I’m lost it still helps alot, once again thank you Sorry about the part of you getting lost What we intend to do is kind of introduce different niche of crypto to you guys.

Then going forward everyone will have to select the niche or niches they are interested in(it should not be more than 2 cuz jack of all trades is master of none) So for example when an individual picks one niche he or she knows the Tutor to familiarize with.

Some tutors can decide to continue with Free classes (their choice) Some may want paid classes (cuz time is money)personally me,,I go bill person o🙂 but we will accommodate everyone provided you are committed and consistent.

Even this year I paid someone ahead of me in crypto jobs $50 to learn new stuff,,so I believe I have said enough Whatever paid classes here will definitely be affordable Today we will continue the discussion on web3 Social Apps.

Good morning I have some good news One of our students that Participated in just Day 1 of crypto jobs tutorial has gotten a job What made the difference is that he decided to practice what he has learnt Yesterday he told me that he approached a project and requested if he can be a Volunteer MOD.

Well he did get a positive reply (like I told you guys 80% of the time projects don’t mind adding an extra hand since they won’t be paying for it Guess what it’s he’s first time of getting a crypto job, I tell you what if you just keep learning and never taking any actions you will never make progress.

MY ADVISE TO EVERYONE HERE IS THAT APART FROM LEANING TAKE ACTIONS this is very very important. what is the worst that Can happen even if you fail in the process Who is counting do not be ashamed of ur hustle

Because at the end of the day nobody will feed you YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE THAT CAN SAVE YOURSELF‼️
Thank you so much once more Your lecture is already producing results And guys interested in crypto jobs always remember that Twitter is your market (recruitment portal) while discord is your Office (workplace).

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Last year Me and Organized Free classes on web3 Social Apps During this period Recorded some great tutorial videos that will teach new members how to use these apps I’m going to share those videos with you guys now.

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However it’s going to be in our ethereum whatsapp group link because those videos are short files📌 so to get them just head over to our list, I will be dropping the videos there head over to our ethereum whatsapp group chat and download the videos on how to use the 5 web3 Social Apps I have introduced to you✅

The videos will give you more clarity This is for Distrikt ✅ THE COMPLETE VIDEO IS IN OUR TELEGRAM Group go over there and do the needful Download it and watch don’t say we didn’t teach you how to use it after today Incase you are new to the web3 Social Apps.

or you don’t have any of the Accounts listed above,, Please follow this INSTRUCTIONS to create your Accounts Keep calm Just pay close attention I have used this write ups to teach hundreds of people so yours won’t be different.

Amen The group will be opened for interaction in due time If you have questions or any challenges you can DM I will do my best to assist you Now get your phone ready Make sure you have data to download the Apps You can use night plan✅

I will be using YouTube videos to direct you one what to do and how to do that I hope that is understood if these YouTube videos are not enough to guide you then DM or tag any of the Admins on our Telegram group to assist you👍 they will clarify the steps so you don’t miss out.

These videos were carefully arranged step by step accordingly to give you the best learning experience don’t skip or jump any of them or any step just calm the fuck down and learn🙂 Well if you already know your way around web3 social Apps congratulations.

USA girl whatsapp group link

So guys make sure you have the 5 Web3 Social Earning Apps/Accounts If you have any questions or challenges creating any of these Accounts DM or send screenshots of the issue to our telegram group we will attend to that🤝

THERE’S SO MUCH BENEFITS OF USING THESE web3 social Apps and the most important benefit is AIRDROPS All the five(5) web3 Social Apps above have Airdrop Rewards Phaver is yet to do(for your info Phaver is a potential lambo🤑)

Punk panda tokens is Trading.. meaning you can convert it to cash. DSCVR have shared more than $500 to active Users in the Past😋💸 and guess what More is Coming Distrikt is has done POD Airdrop💰 and more is Coming💯

OpenChat is currently doing Airdrop existing users can check their Account You see none of them is a waste of time🤷‍♂️ rather you will be earning so much now and in the future for using them So what are you waiting for🫠abi sapa never so you shege.

Remember to use my Referral code when creating your accounts You no go fall so you can stay and be active in this group to get materials and educate yourself next year you will be glad you made that decision today these Web3 social Apps Opportunities is completely Free.

And there is no single risk involved like no don’t need to invest anything talk less of losing your Investment so if you are still procrastinating or not adapting to the changing times I don’t know what you are waiting for.

THIS IS ACTUALLY UR CHANCE TO BE EARLY IN A Ethereum whatsapp group chat TRANSITION/INVENTION Tonight we are going to do Phaver Stake for Stake you are going to make your first post on Distrikt and DSCVR You are going to set up your Punkpanda profile💯 All the information on how to get started is above. Let’s see the fast Learners going ahead of others.

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