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Blockchain Whatsapp Group

Blockchain Whatsapp Group will enable you to ask questions and also get answers related OASIS, then create a thread Tag that project To create awareness of the the project being a scam. As a mod.

You should know how to spot a rugpull project, for example Degods NFT project is the original project via this BLOCKCHAIN WhatsApp Group Link discussion forum.

And Someone then come up with something very similar like Dead bears to the same original project name Dead gods, and then copies the website without making alterations then that’s a red flag

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If they hastily launch, then that’s a project likely to rugpull. I guess we are interested in the monetary aspect, but know that your input as a MOD will determine the payment you are likely to receive Payment ranges from as low as $100 weekly to $1k and more.

Blockchain WhatsApp Group

In this Blockchain WhatsApp Group you will learn more things concerning cryptocurrency and wallet Payment is mostly done via crypto That brings us to the end of the class, I hope we all have been able to understand the fundamentals of community moderation to a point?

Questions can roll in right about now, and it will be attended to Sincerely I’ve been waiting for this class in particular I believe I can do this effectively while I get skilled in other Web3 projects. My partner is not available to give some insights today, and I apologize for that, but will definitely make provision for another day to do so.

The class was well understood. Simple and straightforward. Thank you very much . My question is, as a Newbie can I work as a Community Moderator just for the experience before I actually start applying for real jobs that pays?

This is a very thoughtful question Yes, you can actually do this job just to gain experience, that’s how some persons did start before they started getting bigger payed jobs when I mean real job I still mean β€œbeing a community moderator.

U know instead of applying for a MOD Job for the money, I want to apply to work as a MOD for the experience before I start working as a MOD for the money Thank you ma Class was amazing If you watch, in discord servers there are people that are just community members, not a MOD, but act like a MOD.

Yeah . I have come across such When newbies ask questions, they attend to the questions, when newbies needs clarity on something not clear to them, does community members will sort it out.

The only difference is that, certain features that can be used by MOD can’t be used by does members Features like banning a member that Repeatedly violated server rules Or activation of slow mode chat This class is awesome Thanks a ton for your contribution ma.

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You’re valued Actually it’s one of the fastest ways of getting paid crypto jobs Volunteer jobs At some point,,if you are diligent enough you will be offered a paid role Or when the project is listed (or minted if it’s an NFT) They usually show appreciation for volunteers.

I will try getting one then Let me test my efficiency You need to, and you will definitely love it Thanks for the pushing I appreciate You are always welcome Sir. However if you want to do a volunteer job

Now, who are these Community moderators No, thats a different office You will get to understand as we proceed A moderator facilitates, reviews, and guides a discussion or debate and related interactions to ensure all shared content is appropriate and follows community rules. Now, it is important to note this.

I have a question please Okay, but kindly hold on till the end of the class At the end of the class I will take your questions ma’am So, it is important to know that in COMMUNITY MODERATION, we have the COMMUNITY MANAGER/ADMIN and the COMMUNITY MODERATOR

The Community Manager will define the rules, whilst the Moderators act to enforce them. Community moderation in relation to Crypto is commonly done in discord servers I hope we are all familiar With this social media called DISCORD?

How to identify Moderators/community members and Thier respective roles in a Blockchain WhatsApp Group Links Server, kindly watch this short video below for that While you watch the video, let’s move on to another segment, and this is the juicy part Am going to tell you this for free, you can get jobs and be paid handsomely

As a community moderator in a server So, how can you get crypto jobs as a community moderator? First, setup your twitter profile Secondly, setup your discord profile Let them be in accordance to moderation, so as to entice the manager that you actually have what it takes to manage the community.

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This two socials is a forefront for the manager to look out for if he is to grant the job or not Pls I need a little assistance can anyone epp me to forward message b4 this on my dm Inorder nt to disturb the gruop my whatsapp got wiped Assist yr boy

There are some YouTube videos that i haven’t watch all so i need it thanks in advance This will be attended to, kindly hold on. So, after getting the job, know that you need to have this characteristics to ensure you carry out the task efficiently Excellent communication skills.

Market research skills. Engagement skills. Its important to always be calm and be patient when answering community members questions, there are times, members can very tiring in questions asking, you just need to find you way around them Another important thing.

Imagine you are a MOD in a project and you discover that it’s a scam Project What do you do? Cus I feel alerting Community members in that discord server may harm ur MOD career If after reaching out to the core team, and nothing is being done by them to rectify the scam act, it’s best to go twitter.

People wey get slot for wetin Dem never send me reach 4 Lol Gimme one now abeg I use God beg u Dem no send me email Boss Dem don send email finish Good evening everyone, I trust we are all having a great day?

It is with great enthusiasm to notify us all that there will be a class on COMMUNITY MODERATION By 7pm tonight Let’s endeavour to participate in this class. Stay tuned. The time we all have been waiting for is here React if you are online

Much peeps aren’t online , will still go ahead with the class, prolly when you come online and have questions to what will be discussed, you are free to drop them and it will be attended to I and my partner will be taking a topic titled COMMUNITY MODERATION

I like and prefer interactive classes, let’s rub minds together, So Do we all have an idea on what community moderating is? It’s a little rough though Nice Can u in a single sentence tell us what it is? Policing a community That’s why this class is organised πŸ˜ƒ

We will deal with that🀝 Hmm, that’s a big word there, let’s break it down a bit Community Moderation is the practice of managing comments and discussions from members/users through BLOCKCHAIN WhatsApp Group Link so it aligns with the Terms and Conditions of a project, and these task is usually carried out by community moderators.

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