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Oya enter Airdrop Whatsapp Group Link now been a while here Any update for the airdrop reward the 10k offer remains valid for today a bit metrics to consider when getting a link, is traffic this right here is the biggest metrics to consider Akajesus⁩ please use the market place.

You’re selling something on the main group which is not allowed I learnt this in 400L when I marked for my supervisor Na how your writing fine and how you write full na we take dey mark Imagine in Nigeria, someone will claim to be a professor of a particular subject.

Or field but have no proven discovery or improving the current one to back it up My school eh… if you’re part of the good student that can challenge lecturer. your script will be set aside… the rest eh? Na normal students go mark am.

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If you write nonsense or too cancel That’s why I advise people before joining Airdrop Whatsapp Groups Even if you no know the questions and dem say answer 4, just write anything, structure am like say na the answer, you go pass When u de school. If them say define Data.

You go define data, give types of data add wety concern and no concern so my booklet go full You lucky, during my time we were taught fortran and cobol. Then lots of mathematics and statistics I didn’t touch computers courtesy of my dept during my 4years stay in computer science.

This one off me oo. How them take get admission Good evening bosses Can i used Geegpay to receive Adsense payments? Not possible as at 20:41, Thu, 15 Jun, 2023 the best place to get a link that will surely boost your SEO is from a website that is doing well organically on Google.

Here is page view and source of Pulse Sports for the last 30 days forget that talk of niche, a link from a good website with organic search volume really counts. what matters here is your Anchor text If you check the top websites in the world.

They get quality links from the top website scattered across countries and niches and its helping them i am in happy mood this morning, enter DM now and let me see how i can help you with a quality link this morning your time starts now 😊

Hahahaha guys any here applied for the position? I just applied😂. Anything WordPress (without code). Count me in🤝So nobody has a sure method of removing ads limit You go so go village go join am there See requirement and salary.

Nigerian employers are slave traders So, as a digital marketer, I have to know image editing.. video editing. and programming haba 150k is not common to me sha😂 but the job duties go kill person how can I be doing the work of 3 people for one pay.

Apply, you won’t do half of those job dutied anyways All in all they want traffic or sales. Help them with either and you are good to go 150k is definitely not common sha. But the responsibilities made it common😁

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So after some conversation with a particular leader in this group I have great respect for. Belle, dey give me update na I have decided to do a huge slash for members of this group for link building today. I will give you a link from Pulse Sports for just 10k. This offer is only valid for today.

So don’t come to my DM and start the conversation today and then hope to pay tomorrow. Getting a link from a high Traffic volume website surely helps. Also, we have content across all niches, so for your niche and anchor text.

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I would just look for a related article and give you Airdrop Whatsapp Group Invite Link from there. Em no no say we even know the video and na nonsense em still talk I remember solving a problem in thermodynamics which with proven methods.

I was right and arrived accurately which when implemented in real life problem with give that required output but was failed because I used another approach to tackle the same problem During Exam everybody just dey freestyle.

some dey write essay, some dey draw diagram na just to fill book, if your work no look like something reasonable (look like oh, no be even matter of correct) you go fail. I draw fake fake diagram that day tire Diagram wey no exist, just imagine am lie.

We learn CNC machine programming on board Me wey be blogger that time I arrange the exam answers like blogpost I even do SEO for that paper If dem publish an for website, e go rank His statement stated your account might have been hacked.

Not that you are a scammer or something My guy ehe Naija high institution na another balablu Guy, people dey use Hausa answer exam question for computer science department for my school like pure Hausa.

USA girl whatsapp group link

Dem no sabi english During IT presentation, the laugh I laugh bah Even comedy show no fit make me laugh like that One guy say for him IT, e work for neco say na dem dey clean printer Na lecturer ask am say for 6 months, Na printer em dey clean.

Dem ask the next guy, e say Na printer em too dey clean Guy I shock 😹 One say na him dem dey send go buy paper for printer Naija school na just another thing If I pay for coding boot camp bro and I learn coding for those 4 years I no go dey naija now.

Na FAANG company I go dey work It was a waste of time truth be told Like one of my guys in School started learning Python from 3 level up to 5L, before we graduated the was so good in python Base on me way direct am before joining because I know the language Ronan extent.

Sometimes I just feel studying most courses in Nigeria is just a waste of time. I now encourage people to study nursing so once the finish the japa to UK Bro the kind hunger I get for coding back then before my school destroyed it eh.

See to code in Airdrop Whatsapp Chat made close to 70 different side projects I go use my knowledge for exam, dem nearly fail me Cause I was using syntax too advanced for the lecturer Na basics em know I had a clue on what you can do with c++ and JavaScript based on that our 2019 project.

Airdrop Whatsapp Chat

Na I vex oh, I start cram code and pour am back Coding can do a lot bro it’s the key to everything I’m doing today All this our Airdrop Whatsapp Group Link lecturers only know how to tell student to get A Nigeria school na waste. I used to mark scripts for my Lecturer.

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