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First approach some from the Latest Binance Group Whatsapp Link team or head MOD and do this If you are a starter seeking for experience just say so and then volunteer to offer your services for free If you not a starter but you actually don’t have any job at the moment and you want to be busy.

Then look for a potential lambo project (from the seed sale/funds raised you should know this)…Then apply for a job, if they tell you they are not hiring at the moment or that someone has already been selected then ask if you can volunteer for a free service🙂90% of the time projects will say yeah

Why not (cuz who wouldn’t want a free service😃) then you have a chance to impress massively💫 Even if you are not given anything at the end of the day,, don’t be discouraged,, Why?? Because project births projects.

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Those Devs will still build another Binance Group Whatsapp Link project tomorrow and when you come knocking they will definitely give you an express ticket (consideration) hope you understand what I mean Infact some people get invited to build new stuff by projects they did volunteer job for in the past.

Also note that not all projects will have money to pay upfront as a starter I think it’s in your Best interest to accept projects that maybe don’t have funds at the begining,, sometimes there’s reward in building with people.

Just see them as your friends you are building with while you do ur other paid jobs life is unpredictable,, for example all DAO communities under Arbitrum ecosystem got massive Airdrops imagine you are working with one of them b4 (as per no funds at the moment) and boom they get over $150k allocation.

If you are offered an opportunity to build with a good project if they are not giving u much financial returns bcuz they haven’t raised funds,, just stick around.. you will definitely just paid Yeah Blockchain Oasis Community will offer great value to her members.

Did such a great job Community moderation is one crypto job almost everybody can fit in I mean it doesn’t require much skill set but to know is to excel Thanks for the complement, and to all our excellent listeners too This is really helpful.

People actually pay for this kind of information Latest Binance Group Whatsapp Link There’s two search tools that if you know how to use them You will achieve a lot online Especially in the crypto space These tools I talk about are known as social media platforms but they are much more than that.

I’m talking about Twitter and YouTube Just understand how to search with them and trust me you will achieve more results The crypto space is 65% Twitter, Discord And 15% Telegram In my opinion other socials doesn’t have enough percentage to feature in this equation.

If all you do is wait here in WhatsApp Groups for people to bring information to you you are wrong, the implication is that you have limited yourself to third party information and you cannot attain beyond the scope of information available to you.

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Cultivate the habit of doing research today✍️ information is Free💚 How you remember that you are continuing your TA class today Sorry for the late coming I had to find a quiet place If you’re online and ready pls react to this message.

Alright we’d proceed Today’s class on Technical Analysis Last time we talked on what TA was it’s importance and we also went ahead to talk on Candlesticks how it’s formed and d rest And today I said I’d be talking on the Concepts in Technical Analysis.

Support or a support level in Technical Analysis, refers to the price level that an asset does not fall below for period of time. An asset’s support level is created by buyers entering the market whenever the asset dips to a lower price. It’s what pushes the price up.

The Support is same as the Demand Zone. As the name suggests, resistance is something which stops the price from rising further. The resistance level is a price point on the chart where traders expect maximum supply. The resistance level is always above the current market price.

Unlike the Support, the resistance pushes the price down. The Resistance is also known as The Supply Zone. A breakout refers to when the price of an asset moves above a resistance area, or moves below a support area.

Breakouts indicate the potential for the price to start trending in the Latest Binance Group Whatsapp Link breakout direction. For example, a breakout to the upside from a chart pattern could indicate the price will start trending higher or lower. Breakouts are significant because they indicate a change in the supply and demand of the currency pair you are trading.

Pls Listen cause this is very very essential Now pls take note they’re three types of Breakouts Continuation Breakout Reversal breakout False breakout Continuation Breakout: Sometimes when there is an extensive move in one direction the market will often take a breather.

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This occurs when buyers and sellers pause to see what they should do next. As a result, you will see a period of range-bound movement called consolidation. If traders decide that the initial trend was the right decision, and continue to push the price in the same direction.

The result is a continuation breakout. Just think of it as a “continuation” of the initial trend… Yeah, You’re so smart! Note: The more Prices hits a support it becomes weaker and weaker!!! That was why 28k couldn’t save us during d Bear Market it’s weak very very weak.

When we start practicals you’d see clearly what am saying Reversal Breakout: Reversal breakouts start off the same way as continuation breakouts in the fact that after a long trend, there tends to be a pause or consolidation.

The only difference is that after this consolidation, forex traders decide that the trend is exhausted and push the price in the opposite or “reverse” direction. As a result, you have what is called a “reversal breakout. How do I trade this Reversal breakouts.

False breakout: False breakouts occur when the price breaks past a certain level Latest Binance Group Whatsapp Link (support, resistance, triangle, trend line, etc.) but don’t continue to accelerate in that direction. Instead, what you might’ve seen was a short spike followed by the price moving back into its trading range.

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