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When I joined Binance Crypto Box Whatsapp Group Link at first, I was reading the script and checking marking schemes. Omo! Na dem tell me say no be so dem de do here oh. Say if I continue like this na only 20 scripts I go make for full day and we get up to 300 scripts to mark.

You think corruption only has to do with stealing? Lopesided appointments is corruption as well if you don’t know. I could make a list for you See why Forbes net worth list be like joke to me. This man is a billionaire in$

Well, you are right, but nobody, probably will understand what you’re talking about if you don’t break it down. IMO, Bubu is not intentionally corrupt (stealing), he’s just a dunce who is unfit to be a LG Chairman. He is corrupt bro. Google search the meaning of corrupt 😂.

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Binance Crypto Box Whatsapp Groups

Binance Crypto Box Whatsapp Groups is the most active chat where you talk to other Binance users via cbn appointments his daughter and in-laws got no be corruption ? Buhari will be a saint to what this present adminstration will do to Nigeria What people don’t understand is that the current man in charge is a con man and he will do what Is good at, deceive and put blame on others.

He helped buhari get to lower but hide himself just to surface as a candidate after buhari 8 years in power. After watching the interview, i revalidated myself to what I have already known long time ago My fear right now is that education

will be so expensive in Nigeria that the level of iliteracy will increased because of the student Loan that is almost impossible to get A whole lot of politics in the aviation sector. Only God know how much bribe Ethiopian airways paid them

We are suffering from low quality education already, putting the high price in the inferior education we are managing, will be blow to many Nigerians who just want to get a manageable education From What CEO of air peace said.

Nigeria was not paid shishi by Ethiopia, but are reaping 40% Yes na. For Ethiopia to get that kinda deal off NIGERIA some hands were greased No, The just want to work against the indigenous airlines You self look at the deal 😂. Broad day witch hunt.

Even a foolish man won’t broker such deal I mean air peace can handle what ever deal the has with Ethiopia 2x Manageable Education more like useless, throughout my years in school.. the lecturers ddnt teach us anything, we learnt stuff by ourselves.

They don’t even come for lectures. and we were learning outdated shit to pass… if you write wetin pass the year of the handout, you go fail. Imagine learning Qbasic in 2022. when python is the new standard there’s one course, we never saw the lecturer even once.

LATEX very useless waste of time… I sha met few smart people who inspired me to self-learn… My Computer science degree sha, na just paper. I studied mechanical engineering but I tell you na YouTube I learnt most things.

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This one wey you gain self. na him be the main thing Yet once you go exam solve a mathematical and physics problem with another method rather than thr rubbish taught by the lecturer, he will arrogantly fail you

I got 3 D’s in 100L second semester just because I wrote updated information Na from then I say OKAY… old knowledge na una want abi? No wahala They ruined school spirit for me sha E get one course seff BIG O notation, the lecturer no sabi am.

just come class come talk nonsense wey em watch for one YouTube video Going forward, everybody doing similar deal should be more careful.. that’s all I can say I don’t want to accuse anyone without solid proof.

That was a mistake on my part. Lesson learned I stand on my words he was the only one that have access to the Binance Crypto Box Whatsapp Group Links List I used in making him administrator You no sabi message google then bomb the account if it still active so it can be banned.

that’s only advice I will give you since.. all the good I did is turning this way Bro I have not used any bad words on you even as I no dey happy. That’s to tell you say I no get bad mind towards. I dey just react to the problem am facing as anybody would Why do African Americans speak bad English😩

What is you doing here” Don’t they listen to the whites talk? Just like we have pidgin It’s their accent… it’s not bad English, it’s correct And Nigerian English Mixed with slangs They know how to speak very clear and good English on command

majority They just don’t see the use Well since you say it is their pidgin I will accept it Omyema on Arise TV exposed the whole Nigeria Airways charade I watched it. Before now David Hundeyin said so on twitter

USA girl whatsapp group link

The billions spent there is something else. Yet efcc will be chasing small yahoo boys when politicians to chase are many I remembered when he said it, the whole Buhari people and APC began to drag his life. Just imagine the level of corruption in all sectors of our economy.

Even from local govt to state and federal ministries. This country is dead If a real and thorough probe of the last administration is done you will marvel Many people have given up on Nigeria long before now. We only rejuvenated that hope a little when Obi came on as a presidential candidate.

Now everyone will go to default mode All those trillion of naira loans they took, na for sharing oo That’s why they don’t want Obi, even Buhari will be sent to jail Yes oo. With this guy’s I don’t have hope Yes na that is why he said nobody should call him to come and give any evidence.

Imagine that lady who was humanitarian minister would just say They have shared N500 b to 1million poor people all over the country Who are the people? How did the determine that they are the poorest people? No criteria and no proof money was shared.

My guy. I weak for this country. And nothing can be done to them oh. Buhari is the biggest fraud in the history of Nigeria And him dey form saint Very annoying Them show him house for Daura say na simple house so him no thief money.

Fact. The most corrupt democratically elected president Corruption glaring at us with so much confidence Bubu is not corrupt, he’s just a dunce Your confusing me here So you created a mail and make it the main admin and give it to me.

As in how? And I stop using that account with you April And I did not take the adsense since April na now I go come take am to do what? You even get my number but just one called you made to me and start saying I collect your account I called four times and u no pick my call.

Was it not same me that notice and message you and you apologize removing me from the one you no I have access on i gave me friend ur number u latter pick his. so what do expect me to do Bro me dey disappointed.

Me way go leave millions for your hand anytime you chance you go send am, go come collect account for what reason Your friend called with unknown number and I picked normal me don’t, cause I dey sleep and it work me.

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l⁩ did you give anybody access to your account for the Facebook trick? I will rest my case here cause when we start business last year you no bring am here And I never for once rushed here and complain even after my money will be in your hands for 6days.

let me ask u how did the email that took over the account is created in the name of the main domain linked to the account? But you tried calling me just a missed call and your here claiming I do you bad How would I no? You just going far. you could contact adsense.

If you had join the Binance Crypto Box Whatsapp Group Link or waited I would even be shocked and willing to help contact binance as a friend how? when binance said it only the person as admin call send back the account And since I always check from the site to no if ads they show and tell you.

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