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Beause last I had no access when I told you how Luna Coin Whatsapp Group Link work and you said you are working it with someone. I have had no access since. and you always don’t reply to self Na me fuck up self they reply Omo make una find una proof I’m off.

I never told you that please check our Luna Coin Whatsapp Group Link If you want to talk to me, reach me and not trying to blame me for what I no nothing about the only thing i told you last you asked if could continue on the website, I said I want to try out some traffic trick on the website.

You sent that on a voice not and since April bro na now I go come get access to what I stop accessing Luna Coin Whatsapp Group Link i no feet reply again Let me even say this, you people will no your doing business with someone and when you want to sell something you.

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Wouldn’t tell the person then later when something happen una go come they blame another person, this was another person but because this guy was calm I told him to reach out to adsense and he caught the the if, if not because I done see the account they could have look me one eye.

Luna Coin Whatsapp Groups

One reason I say create Luna Coin Whatsapp Groups and make it normal standard or normal admin to avoid all this. and that was what jafel has been doing since last year with me, now him sayin he made an email a full access and gave me is surprising till now From everything.

We can’t know who is lying or saying the truth here. l⁩ insists only frank had access to the mail and says he stopped using the account since April. you should have removed him when your deal with him ended.

because there’s no way to proof for sure he changed the email now… moreover, this was a risk involved in the business from the on set. Do your findings well The reason you replied now is because I Involved your business

And don’t come and talk rubbish about me Na because I woke up You that was online.. lol My point here is Oga I woke up cause an unknown number called me Bro let jafel speak for his self If he said he add me let him bring all proof and of which account.

You don’t call someone out with out give 5hour to get your findings Because if you were really educated, you’d understand what I said. I don’t know if you were hacked I didn’t accuse you Only told everyone to safeguard their accounts incase.

Because you didn’t answer my calls the account am talking about is home craft tips You never add any of my mail to that account Check your chat well bro And last we talked of it you said your trying one trick on it.

Asika you and him called once on WhatsApp and said you have been trying to reach me People, after verifying your address on adsense, can it change back to unverified on it’s own? the email I use I created it and I gave u the login to it when I used it to make u admin on the main Adsense account.

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So it only u and I that have access to email One thief sell unverified acc for the price of verified later come he she verified everything He called me and from his explanation. You asked him to create a email and add as admin to the Adsense account in question.

Only you and him had access to that email. He said, he woke up to find that both his main mail and the email he created for two of you has been removed and an entirely different email is now admin. That you are the only one with that email access.

what do you have to say to this? Because you’re denying anything related to emails here This is the proper way you could have come to me Type bro nobody listens to voice notes here Meanwhile the site name in question I left it April and last I asked him he said him and someone is trying one trick.

And I told him even the Luna Coin Whatsapp Group Links list I can’t access it and he said nothing. meanwhile me and him has been doing biz of millions on a site call Anan university since last year August and that same site he added my mail and he even removed me from that one.

And if I didn’t notice because we normally use it every month he wouldn’t have told me.. please he should do his checking well. waiting I wan use him adense do? is the email i created to give you access to the account. and i made u admin to adsense account.

And I don’t have access to this mail and why will you make such mail the main admin Cause bro I’m shocked the trick is a new facebook traffic that i learnt. am i trying it on the website The main one you use why wasn’t it the main admin.

How long did it take? I Don withdraw since yesterday, no show yet. E be no de delay like this? business working days for it to drop Are they not using cashpot anymore. Cashpot used to be within one working day 😭 Within few hours if you withdraw before 12pm Yours may be earlier.

USA girl whatsapp group link

I was worried I contacted the support to check the status who confirmed to me the delay was from my bank. Did you get cashpot as reference/description when you saw the alert? Why dem come de delay these days.

Hello admin kindly add me to the adscreed Marketplace abeg I think Banks can now trade and exchange dollars.

Them never activate am. Na still rumours Remember cbn deny devaluing naira Do you have hack to enlist business on google business profile without hassle No boss planned on getting paid reviews Let’s dicsuss the impact of this on black market rate.

Summary list of Luna Coin Whatsapp Chat Dollar will fall. I’ve said it here before So all the usd I Don accumulate, go fall. And the price for goods and services go still remain d same? The price of goods and services go still fall too I need where to buy cheap domain.

⁩Return my adsense. I made u administrator now u have deleted my Gmail account from the Adsense Tried calling and he didn’t pick, sent him a message. If he doesn’t respond by 12PM, we’ll see how things go. If you’re dealing with at this time, safe guard your ADSENSE ACCOUNTS NOW.

He might have been hacked or something, if his email is an admin, downgrade it for now I won’t answer anybody that comes with new reports. Waking up from sleep to see this rubbish. is like Luna Coin Whatsapp Group Link wan blow una papa, you made who admin.

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