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Nomba Customer Service Phone number & Whatsapp Contact

Nomba Customer Service Phone number is 018885008 call them whenever you face issues with your pos terminal so that they can help you handle the situation.

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In a few days, everything will change – for the better. We are the same people, same company but with a new name, new look, more tools for you to run your business, and an even bigger commitment to you.

So, what’s going to change? I’ll tell you;

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Our Name – In a few days, we will now be known as NOMBA.

A Nomba App for your business – The app you have come to know and love would be getting an even better look. New Name, New logo, New colors, New features – and that’s just the beginning.

A Nomba POS Terminal – What’s an app upgrade without a POS upgrade too? Our POS terminals would take on a new look and feel too! So don’t be surprised when you see it all changed – for the better.

An All-New Nomba Website – New name, New Logo, New tools! What better way to get all the details other than a New and Fresh website. All the details you need in one place, wait for it!

Our Social Media Handles – We are about to blow your mind, so don’t miss a thing when you stay connected on all our social media handles. Of course, they are going to change soon, so follow us and be one of the first to see it all unveiled.

Nomba Phone Number


Nomba Whatsapp Contact

This is Nomba pos WhatsApp contact 016754321 currently the number is no longer functioning. So kindly wait for an update.

Nomba Email Address

This is nomba email address ID:

As we step into this next big phase, join us on this journey to a better and more rewarding relationship with you.

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See you on the other side,

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