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Motono Crypto Anaka Cryptocurrency

Motono Crypto Anaka Cryptocurrency

Motono Crypto Anaka Cryptocurrency Copy and Paste bloggers here will be removed without warning. Advertising days are: Mondays, Wednesdays & Saturdays. Non-compliance leads to possible REMOVAL. Discussion across various works of life is allowed. Political, marital and other informational guide.

If you have any update(s) that can help others, feel free to drop it. Admin has no right to remove any members of the group except generally agreed by the general group members.
One Motono Crypto Anaka Cryptocurrency. But generally speaking I understand where is coming from.

But as far as I am concerned. Nothing done against google is a crime 😂 Those guys don rip people die Before, we were told we can’t talk politics But I see discussion from all works of life which includes politics now.. Unlike before you talk Tinubu fiam, they throw you for trash bin😒

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Free 55 Motono Crypto Anaka Cryptocurrency

Like you made some changes the other time without any notification to the admins via Motono Crypto Anaka Cryptocurrency Nobody should remove anyone without general agreement from the group. From today henceforth. I cease to be an admin kindly of this group. Abeg effect am by collecting the admin role from them I no fit talk make some chief admin go talk say I must come apologize publicly.

From now on, ADSENSE LOADING, ABRITRAGE AND ANY METHOD THAT WILL HELP PEOPLE HERE SHOULD BE SHARED FREELY. Person wey no dey cashout $10k monthly dey act like assistant Google here 😂 Who he won be if not the former admins wey God help us remove just now dey do that kind thing pass.

The only thing not allowed is posting Screenshots of Huge earnings without any description or helpful tips. Guy I even save some admins number and messages them to save mine some years back. Them no gree save am. Like say I go beg them for food.

I have his contact saved since Last Year, up till now e never save up. Yeah. I was even bringing a job for him when I saved his but pride no gree am save mine. Wetin concern me 😂. I even reminded him, him no send. and it’s not bad tho.

You can decide whose number to save or not I want to work on a blog, I no fit work again, this vawulence dey sweet me I truly appreciate people working all night to help people here. We’re met to help ourselves not to act like demi-god⁩ I love this.

He has always been trying for me since last year when I was new to ezoic then. Most people here who have my contact I messaged them for it first. And I have transacted with many. Even the ones wey go south u no go hear am. That’s me.

Wether you get pass me or I get pass you changes nothing. We can be useful go each other at any given time That guy took this group as dia blog, Dem just dey monitor every comment like plague 😂 But I must confess, better people full this group.

I swear , I mean real helpful and sincere persons . I go mention names later. Make I see my UBA alert first cos e de do me like film People want to help truly, I have met some guys here that told me that, they can’t share or drop tips on the group due to admins intimidation.

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Miners Motono Crypto Anaka Cryptocurrencies

We know this na Motono Crypto Anaka Cryptocurrency. even when I was off active blogging I was always following posts of someone like but how many times do you see him post this days. If he post it becomes a contest of who is more knowledgeable. There are many people like that I don’t know if you guys will be interested.

I want us to do groupbuy for FESTINGERSVAULT… Unlimited WordPress Themes and Plugins with Lifetime Update Plug-in for all members. The Lifetime Subscription is $199, I want us to groupbuy it and share access to it.

You never have to buy or suffer for premium WordPress theme or plug-in for life, just request on the group and someone trusted with access will send you download link. I’m pledging $10. So remaining $189, if you can pledge something, any amount, please just state it in the group.

What if he is someone like me who doesn’t post anything on WhatsApp’s status? He has sent me a screenshot of his chat recently and I saw that the contact wasn’t saved. Lol, I do but not on WhatsApp anymore. I used to manage a WhatsApp TV sef. Even if we don’t reach the goal, I’ll get it with my money before it expires.

Before I release it to the group, we’ll do another fundraiser to get the balance. Anyone else wants to pledge? It will help make the group more valuable to the Motono Crypto Anaka Cryptocurrency.

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