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The research na Google Search Naija bloggers wey dey write anything wey go rank Na me even start the argument 😂. I drive Investment In Crypto Via Binance Wallet come back and still see the argument 😂 Arbitrage is taking advantage of the system to make more money in a legitimate way.

Loading AKA clicking on your ads by sending bots and other malicious activities such as script is STEALING. not taking advantage. It’s just like the living and the dead. There’s a huge gap. Bro, I honestly don’t care about what you think about me – you’re your own person and I’m my own person – nothing you think affects me, it ends with you.

I asked you, people that buy fake views and subscribers for YouTube to monetize it, are they thieves too? Stop all this explanation bro. AdSense arbitrage is AdSense loading. Why u dey speaks grammar. Anyone that uses fake content to verify AdSense is equally a thief I just needed to correct a misquotation.

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April Crypto Investment Tips

I don’t need to talk much. The April Crypto Investment Tips truth is always BITTER to accept. You go risk thousands of dollars to try a loophole One amadi go dey he hut dey call you thief 😂 Person wey dey buy backlink and ranking ahead of pages with better content go call others thief There is nobody here that has not at a point in time take advantage of a system in the society.

If you like wear wig like wole soyinka, speak grammar, and later wear a cassock to preach as a priest. The survival instinct has gotten a better part of you at a point in the past. If you don’t take advantage of the system you’ll end up in the MATRIX.

Just dey check @⁨Godwin Writer⁩ status low key, all those writeups na wash oh 😂 em dey use am impress babes so em go teach them BLOGGING 🤣 your head get oil. Best quote of the day.

Permit me to share this article. Over 200 messages, where I wan start from 😂 can you swear in the front of the gods that since when you have started blogging, you never cheated the algorithm or do something crazy to manipulate search results or earnings 😂

Loading is all about self clicking while Arbitrage is about buying traffic at cheaper rates and selling it to adsence at high rates 😀 I need to check previous vawulence one by one before we discuss about the recent posts Don’t know why some people condemn ChatGPT.

That shit is literally 20 times more intelligent than an average human. As in ehhh When Bitcoin was just 40K, I belonged to a Forum called Jackobian I was a Moderator I charge of Tech Section. Jackobian is Kinswap successor, same owner Presh.

When Crypto started blowing online (not in Nigeria), one of the guys in our group invited me to telegram and I gained 1BTC from one survey like that. We were both scammed out of it later on… Then this guy decided to become a scammer and was pulling millions daily from scamming people of BTC. when I saw Millions, he had over 490+ btc then and was scamming more…

He tried to recruit me because I was into APP Modding and Telegram Botting back then but I refused… this guy sent me 200K to buy clothes and said if I joined that would be the least he sent… I refused to join, mind you I was 15 at this time.

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Binance Crypto Statistics Level

This was before any of these boys started anything related to Yahoo today… very early… Binance Crypto Statistics Level if I joined would have made millions now but I refused to scam people… the Guy’s name is Zick… that’s the only name he used…

So don’t make it sound like you’re the first to be tempted man, your own is small, na small boy try recruit you Throughout my teenage years, they targeting me but I refused to do shit… because if I did, it would have been terrible…

The Forum turned into a crypto dump and they all sold out, everybody disbanded and started doing their own thing. You don use am this night? It seems it was experiencing a downtime a few hours ago. You sabi where I dey live na 😂 and the weight guys pull there.

I have seen mad temptation as well Only that hotel wey we go for Ilorin make me respect you guy 🥲 If you come enter lagos see things. You go join me Remain indoors 😂 I no dey even commot for this Abuja wey i dey… just few days ago, one street guy see me dey trek, say ma enter car make ‘em gimme Ride

Bro adsence Arbitrage is not adsence loading ooo I wonder for that guy ooo. Does he even know what he is saying Guy! Lekki wey I dey you go see them buying houses left, right and center 😂. This group is against any malicious activities related to blogging. And it has stood on that principles.

Discussion related to scamming or stealing activities in blogging in a promotional manner isn’t accepted here. I believe every single one of you signed up for that POLICY before joining the group.

If you are into suchlike activities, you can be doing it on your terms, but don’t promote or advertise here. It’s against the group’s doctrines. Adscreed is a community of like-minded bloggers working together to solve major Monetization issues and other related issues that come to mind when starting or running a Blog.

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