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Crypto Currency

Is Cryptocurrency For Real? Check It Out Crypto Pay


Yes, Cryptocurrency is real I add MALCARE and install it on my website a month ago, and now I’m safe including my site. good to go with Crypto.

2days ago, I check the security dashboard and discovered I had over 3k failed login attempts (hacks) from different countries.

I thought it was a business trick to get me to upgrade.

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I then decided to install a limit login attempt reloaded

In 7hrs, I saw 156 failed login attempts from different countries again… Topping the countries are US, India, Russia, Lativa, etc…

They tried to log in using my username and former employees’ usernames…

Though malcare did not show me how they tried to access my blog even though I changed the wp-login and wp-admin.

Limit Login attempt was able to show me what method is been used which is…. wp_xmlrpc

I disable the wp_xmlrpc and added extra login measures.

After 14hrs of implemetation… I’m having 0 attempts as of the time of sharing this.

Protect your blog.

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Google Supports Crypto Pay

Is no longer a new thing google now supports Crypto, which simply means you transact with cryptocurrency at any time.

No, the user doesn’t need to enjoy the content.

What matters is users get what they needed for searching and for accessing your blog without needing to go for additional searches.

Once in let, it settles all dia search quest…

In short, ensure you answer your user’s question easily without fluffy words.

Going into an auto niche isn’t a bad idea oo

One will just be writing on that vehicle of 1990-2005 probs and common fix 🤔

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I was getting about 40 daily clicks from Google with just 17 blog posts. 90% coming from just one post. Then before the update, the search volume for that keyword decreased and my traffic falls from 40 to 12 on average.

Then spam update came rolling and everything became flat. A few weeks later I noticed I’d been getting traffic from Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, and the rest. Sometimes up to 50 daily clicks.

I believe google has a dumping strategy to handle cryptocurrency

And a way of monopolizing content monetized by Dem

While your blog isn’t hit google, the search results from other engines are usually lower

Immediately google hit your blog and dumps it, other search engines start getting high results on your blog

Install Cryptocurrency Wallet Plugin

However, I believe, if you have monetize your blog with different ads publisher, if traffic is coming from another search engine, your earnings will be steady

Let me just share my strategy and see what you guys think about it.

My niche is a sub-niche of a general niche. Under that sub-niche, I discovered another sub-niche.

Now, this is what I did. The sub-niche has common keywords. Using the movie niche as an example:

  • Alchemy of souls plot
  • Descendants of sun plot etc.

Then I decided to get the domain: do you guys think it’s a good idea?

I wrote content sometimes ago

Google ranked me above Forbes and other top brands in that niche.

I discovered some days later, I was sent back to the bottom

I delve to read what others did that I was not doing.

The funny thing is, Forbes and other blogs wrote like they are careless of who is reading, but in two or three sentences they answered the query.

I was packaging my own information and trying to make my outline neat and interesting.

Bros, google no send you.

When I come to edit my content, I answered my own query quickly.

Bros, google return my position sharply 🌚

I have installed two table-inserting plugins, yet Wordfence keeps notifying me of security vulnerability issues.

First was TablePress (which helps insert tables).

I got notified by Wordfence, to take the plugin off, because it has some security threats.

I did as they asked, even though my inserted tables were hurt.

Had to find another replica table-inserting plugin, which is Wp-Data tables. And replaced all my tables with it.

Wordfence has notified me again, that it found a security threat plugin on my site as soon as I opened the notification, it was the Wp-Data tables plugin.

I’m so pissed off.

Don’t know if this is actually an error from Wordfence end or something I should be serious with. Cus I’m a little bit concerned.

Use Crypto To Pay

You can now use Crypto to pay your workers monthly salary.

And these plugins are reputable.

Question: who takes his time to create infographics and makes a video attached to his content without having the candid intention to hit the searcher’s intent?

Keep following the Muller of a guy, and you will fall off the cliff

If you want google approval and azoic approval

Never ever forget to include your privacy policy in your top and main menu nav.

Content can be anything. It can be a podcast. It should be unique and not AI-generated, but will still be useless if it ain’t answering search intent

And that’s just one thing out of other credibility signals sef

Google may for the sole reason of little Expertise signal de-rank you. You can’t run a health blog successfully without signals showing you’re a health professional

Even, in affiliate marketing content, you need to go into thorough research and first-hand experience review for sustainability.

Is it advisable to use a different ezoic account for different domains and then use the same ad manager account to avoid Google duplicate wahala or just have every domain in one account?

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