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USA Marketing Whatsapp Group

Join the latest USA Marketing Whatsapp Group today and learn how to buy cheap items between $2 – $10+ including 12 months warranty via an invite chat link.

You can as well share some of your products with US citizens through this United States Marketplace Whatsapp group link. By doing so it will help others to know more about your goods and services.

We supply all countries via USA marketing Whatsapp group with the best market rates and high quality for the following products:

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🍤🦐Frozen shrimp – fully processed (peeled & not peeled)
🐃 Buffalo & 🐔 meat (HALAL)
🥜 Cashews – all varieties
🌴 Palm Oil & All Edible Oils (All types, best price)
🌾 Rice ( all varieties including Basmati )
🌶️ Red dry chilies & chili powder
🟡 Turmeric and turmeric powder
🌱 All Agro Commodities + Tea
🟠 All Indian Spices + Powders
🥥 Coconut
🧊Icumsa 45 white sugar
🌽white and yellow corn maize, corn maize flour
🌾Wheat, barley, wheat flour.
🥜cashew nuts, peanut, almond nuts, hazelnuts.

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