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How To Get MTN Momo Agent POS Machine For Free

Get MTN Momo Agent Pos Machine

To get a free MTN Momo agent POS machine is very easy, If only you can follow the instructions and you will certainly get it within 8days of request. Just dial *223# to find the nearest momo agent office around you.

No more stress! You can now Withdraw Cash, Fund your betting wallet, Pay your Startimes TV or DSTV at any MoMo Agent. Simply dial *223# to locate the nearest MoMo Agent NOW!

Don’t be afraid to become MTN Momo Agent because you will surely enjoy it in the end. the procedure is very simple to follow, If only you can abide by MTN Nigeria terms and conditions in order to be accepted.

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Get Real: Momo Agent Phone Number

Momo Agent Commission In Nigeria

This is how Momo Agent commission in Nigeria works; you have to calculate your money each time you carry out a transaction for example:

Amount TransactedCommission Received
Momo Agent Commission In Nigeria

List Of Momo Agent Contact

  • Mathew Omen: +234708543287
  • Victoria Sam: +234810764321
  • Halway Tuko: +234905432189
  • Funke Agele: +234901658532
  • Abigail Sambo: +234703498653
  • Happiness Paul: +234812643876
  • Joseph King: +234804327789
  • Cosin Malte: +234902542399
  • Dugle Mefu: +234802654987
  • Joy Emeka: +2348137550923
  • Plaika Ulsa: +234816955321
  • Bobo Shaggi: +234713984432
  • Zera Belt: +234807387650
  • Nnemeka Jones: +234809876231
  • Nevina John: +234702873459

Official Momo Agent App

Here’s the direct Momo agent app link for you to download and start a new business with MTN Nigeria. get the full URL here, Also remember to tick/check the box when opening the app for the first time to enable you to comply with privacy policies.

If you are an iPhone user please kindly use this link to download it to your ios device.

How Does Momo Pay Work?

This is how Momo pay works if someone wants to withdraw the money, You have to charge the person Ex: withdrawal of 80k will cost 400 naira charges from your customer. The same process applies to those that want to deposit funds.

At the end of the day, you can transfer all or part of your money from the momo app or POS machine to your bank account and then you can withdraw it at any time you want.

With just 5000 nairas you can start your momo money/card business at any location of your choice, get a Momo agent POS machine for free through and get paid weekly according to your daily transactions.

MTN Momo Agent Salary

Here is the list of MTN momo agent salary amounts paid monthly to their active agent:

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MTN Momo AgentSalary Paid
Active Agent Wages Are50,000 Naira Monthly
Part-Time Agent Amount Is15,000 Naira Monthly
Momo Salary List

Momo Agent Login Page

Beware of phishing pages some of the URLs on the internet are safe for work, let me quickly cut the story short. There are thousands of momo agent login scam pages that you should avoid.

This is the official Momo agent login URL:

Momo Agent Pos Price

POS TypePrice List
Android Pos ₦55000
Button Pos ₦30000
MTN Momo Pos Price

Momo Agent Airtime Business

You can purchase airtime from MTN momo agent at a cheaper price, You can as well resale it and make a lot of gains. Through this, you will become rich overnight that is business for you.

BulkPiecesWholesale PriceRetail Price (Each)
1 Pack10₦500₦100
20400₦8300 ₦100
Momo Agent Airtime Business

[table id=48 /]

Momo Agent Registraion Form

I’m going to guide you on how to register and fill the momo agent registration form online. Just follow the process below.

Check to confirm if you meet the necessities Below:

  1. Surname_____
  2. First Name____
  3. Middle Name____
  4. Country____
  5. State____
  6. L.A.G____
  7. Date Of Birth_____
  8. Mother Medin Name____
  9. Next Of Kin____
  10. Nepa Bill____
  11. Valid ID Card____

Momo Agent Transfer Code

Momo has only one USSD transfer code for mobile users to make use of, by dialing *223# the option will puff up, for example; *223*3# stands for money transfer while *223*4# represent changing of a security pin.

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That’s it, guys, if have any problem please kindly message us on Telegram

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