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Netherlands Scholarship Is For Beta

Netherlands Scholarship

Netherlands scholarship is for beta students, Remember I asked a question (to know how much others on this group charge) Because I was feeling I was over-demanding. Until @⁨Matthew Oye⁩ gave me his stands.

That was why I brought it to the public and also for educational purposes too. No go do mistake tell Nigeria police sey you be blogger ooo Stop carrying dreadlocks.

Look gentle and smart. Police won’t harass you I Know you won’t understand what I’m saying. Na skin I dey always Barb. What I do this days and working for me is. I’ll ask, what’s your offer.

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Scholarships Works In Netherlands

Scholarships works in Netherlands What’s your budget? How much are you willing to get pay? I try to avoid asking price. Their offer will then make me negotiate with them or accept immediately.

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Admin remove this guy he is teaching us how to defraud people of backlinks which we don’t teach here. At least that’s a reasonable offer. Mine started from $30 and priced to $50. Which is still poor. I often do not answer indians and Pakistans.

Even from there English, you can tell. That’s the problem. They always price too low. A site with DA of 50+ and PA of 44. You’re pricing a guest post space for $50. That’s funny.

I prefer clients from the west though. They always bring good offers. They don’t price low bro, They price according to their pocket. How is this different from fraud? Now. Now we say our leaders are the problem.

Little drops of coal make a hell. Little drops of water makes an ocean. To make legal money in India is not easy. Their politicians don’t care just like Nigeria that is why they don’t have toilets. That is not supposed to be my business.

Nigeria here is hell for us. If his bidding doesn’t aligne with my price offer. Then there will be no deal. Bro. Every body is passing through a lot. Everyone has bills to pay. A lady in my blogger group on Facebook just even informed me dense is demonetizing channels with text to speech videos.

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Hmmm. Learning a lot about guest posts o. So people make that much here in Nigeri? I must grow my blogs o. The thing about Blogging is, Until you treat it like a real business like and does. You’re likely not going to be successful.

Hollands Student Scholarships

Hollands Student Scholarships Be careful with words bro… hollands don’t have poor students?? Is like saying Netherlands don’t have electricity. My plan is 50/50. 50% one spent writing posts, 50% building your skills and other marketing strategies.

They also de-ranking AI videos and AI posts. I have many as friends even the one I helped last time when floods wiped their home away. To say the whole of indian don’t have TV is a critical lie and you should be arrested.

Forget what you see on Zee World, Indias are poorer than Nigerians. Go and research about Black Indians, Muslem Indians and how old majorities suffer in India. This google is just crazy. This is pure jealousy on their part sha.

India is an impoverished nation. Their extremely large population is not even helping matters. The majority of them live below the poverty level.

They will now come to Naija and be forming whitey for us Ai-written posts have been in existence since time immemorial. All of a sudden a superior ai comes along and now they start deranking posts? It was passably okay when the existing AIs were no threats to google.

And you say this is not jealousy? To me it isn’t, same people will say AI contents are trash and trash blogs are outranking. Google is simply protecting a business; they want contents that have a touch of human not 100% bot. The majority of people that use AI do some editing before uploading.

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I get google sha. Personally, I don’t like ai-written content. However, my argument is why now? Why did they start the banning since? Why wait until a strong contender comes along? Guys, how often do you promote your content and where do you share to?

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