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How much one time payment Adsense account can be sold? It all depends on the site’s traffic. Omo. Back in the days when I was seeking for guest posts to boost traffic and back links. The least I was asked to pay was $150.

Some blogs never even replied my guest post mail. I’m not wavering. I keep to my price. In business, there’s no such thing as Pity. Because when you will be in their shoes none of them will pity you. Lol Do follow permanent link for 100$.

If u will accept, let’s deal. If I’m to buy a product or service in dollars, they don’t consider my location. So, they should shift to one side if they can’t afford my pricing terms. They never considered I’m buying from a wretched, downward, ridiculous, and smelly economy.

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Scholarships For Mexican College

I have done many deals with Indian Programmers, and most of them are considerate especially when they know you don’t like money too much. You wouldn’t have thrown it to the public then. Yes, I support you since he has already made up his mind why is he seeking our advice or suggestion.

On Saturday my girl had a transition which shows failed transition and she was debited up to now the money never drop to my wallet pls help me thanks.

I did this transaction transfer 6000k it showed approved the money was removed from my wallet and the customer has not received the money it was on 25th till now and I opened my terminal it now shows failed and the money was not reversed back to my wallet.

I want know what happened to this transactions please. Please my Dotpay is malfunctioning the touch is not touching three lights are singing like alarm. Please someone should help me oh money is inside the wallet. Good morning sir/ma please I need help please I drop a complaint since yesterday nobody answered me how will I lost up to 42k.

I called the customer care but they are not picking there calls. My dear customer Care of Dotpay are not working. The dispute, is it the one in the pos, if it is, there’s nothing there. There’s nothing there, what should I do?

My dear touch on the log dispute you will see customer phone number and customer name fill it and submit and the money will bounce back to the owner.

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