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Kudi OTP Scam: CAUTION! Do Not Fall For This Scam

Kudi OTP Scam: At Kudi, your security is important to us and it is our duty to keep you one step ahead when it comes to safeguarding your money.

Today, I would be sharing how PIN/OTP fraud can be used to tamper with your money. Keep Reading…

What is my Kudi PIN/OTP?

When you create your Kudi Account, You are required to set up a strong Kudi PIN that allows you to manage access to your account and funds.

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One-Time PINs [OTPs] are created for an extra layer of verification to prevent unauthorized access to your account.

What is PIN/OTP Fraud and how does it work?

Simply put, PIN/OTP fraud occurs when your Kudi PIN or OTP is shared with an unauthorized person making it possible to access and clean out your money.

Oftentimes this unauthorized person claims to be a Kudi staff member who wants to assist you with a request or inquiry.

Other times it could be a walk-in customer or a familiar person who had access to your phone when your Kudi PIN was inputted or your OTP was generated.

How Can I Prevent PIN/OTP Fraud?

  • Never disclose your Kudi PIN or One-Time PIN [OTP] for any reason at all, No Kudi Staff would ask for it.
  • Ensure that the primary and secondary phone number you registered when opening your account solely belong to you.
  • When your device is not in use, Log out of the Kudi App and keep your device in a safe place. Never leave your device carelessly.
  • Set up Trusted Devices under the ‘security and safety’ section of the Kudi App. This allows you to manage the devices that can access your Kudi Account.

Remember to ask Kudi when you are in doubt, Contact our support lines 018885008, 018888866, and 015200061 or send a mail to and we would be glad to treat your requests and inquiries.

If your account has been compromised, immediately reset your Kudi PIN and call the support lines or send a mail “Kudi OTP Scam” to

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