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Invest In US Stocks – Learn How To Make Money In US Stocks Market

Invest In US Stocks With Your Microsoft Computer At Home

Invest in US stocks – Looking at investing in the US stocks market from Nigeria? If yes you should read below as this article will help you do just that. Investing in the stock market has been one of the ways people use in increasing their wealth.

I say “increase” rather than “create” because just like any other investment buying stock comes with its own risk and also returns are small compared to the capital investment. Also, don’t forget the risk of losing a part or total of your capital.

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It will interest you to know what the situation was like in the past so maybe you can appreciate what we have now. In the past, before anyone outside the US could invest in stocks, one had to provide a green card or US visa. This only avail a few people the opportunity to invest at the time.

Now, the story is different as Nigerians can invest in the US stock market without having to provide any of the above.

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You might wonder, what is so special about the US stock market that we’re so concerned with. Well, there are reasons the US stock market is so attractive.

It has been most profitable to investors in the past years. These have made most foreign stock investors look at the US market.

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Before we go down to the process of buying stocks from the US companies let’s get a good understanding of what stock is as many Nigerians don’t have a good understanding.

Stock is simply a share of the total investment needed to run a company. If a company needs $10,000 to run and you contribute $100 to it that’s a share that collectively makes a stock.

It’s the part of the total money that helps in running the company. Now, let’s go back to the main topic.

1) First, you need to have the necessary requirements. You need a bank account and an acceptable ID card like National ID, Driver’s License, etc.

Note: You only need one of the above ID cards to get started.

2) Choose a broker. This is when the difficulty of before is now in the past. A stockbroker is a company that helps you buy stocks in the US. And the good news is they do it without any additional fee.

Is best for you to choose a broker that best suits you some well-known brokers in Nigeria include Passfolio, Bamboo, Trove.

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You may want to do more research to know more about individual requirements and what each broker offers.

3) Capital Investment. Of course, you need money to start investing for example the minimum investment amount for Passfolio is #10,000. After having all these in place is time to sign up and buy stocks.

Buying stocks is a good long-term investment plan as the returns are small. Also, choose your broker carefully as your success depends hugely on it.

As you would have deduced, money invested in stocks should be money that is set aside not part of another business’s capital.

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