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How To Use i9s TWS 5.0 Earphones | Instructions | Specs And Price

How To make use of i9s TWS 5.0 Earphones, price, specs, manual, AirPods, instruction, features, and battery life

Many people are searching google daily on how to use i9s TWS 5.0 earphones, welcome you’re at the right place to read and learn everything about is tws today.

What is i9s TWS?

I believe you have thinking about the full meaning of i9s TWS please think and imagining no more, let me explain it in a layman’s language though the Chinese company has not revealed the real meaning.

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What’s the meaning of i9s tws?

Read the full meaning of i9s tws below

  1. iPod
  2. Nine
  3. Smart
  4. Traveling
  5. Wireless
  6. Speaker

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Read i9s TWS 5.0 Wireless Stereo Earphones Instruction And Specifications

  • Model: i9s TWS
  • Version: 5.0
  • Input: DC 5V
  • Battery capacity: 3.7v/50mah
  • Talking time: 1-2 hours
  • Charging time: 40-50 minutes
  • Profile support: HSP/HFP/A2DP/AVRCP
  • Sensitive: 120 ± 5dB
  • Frequency response: 20-20000Hz
  • Impedance: 32∆

How To Use i9s TWS 5.0 Earpieces

Wireless Pairing

(I) Long-press the multifunction buttons of both sides at the same time until the LED flashing in red and blue alternatively or blue, and release your hands, both sides could pair automatically.

Remark: The earphones could be self-paired once open, but if it’s not paired, please refer to the below steps to pair the earpieces.

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(II) Long press the multi-function buttons of both sides at the same time until the LED flash in red and blue alternately.

Then double click either side to enter pairing mode. When they are paired successfully, the main earphone continues flashing in red and blue alternately and the other earphone flashing in blue once every five seconds.

(III) Turn on the Bluetooth on your device and choose i9s or i9s-TWS to connect, when the LED of both sides flash slowly in blue, the earphones connect with your device successful.

(IV) The earphones will be automatically paired after the first pairing is successful. Earphones and cell phones are automatically linked if earphones working for the same used cell phones. Or manually select the i9s to connect again if the earphones working for other phones.

i9s Charging Instruction

(a) Earphones charging indicator 💡 the red light turns on when the earphones are changing. And the red light off automatically after the earphones is fully charged.

(b) Alternate Charging case indicator: The blue light’s on when it’s started charging (first signal), and then the red comes up when the earpiece is changing. The lights will be off when they are full of power.

  • How To Turn Off i9s Earphones

Long press the function key for several seconds, and the red light turns on firstly, then automatically power off by itself. If the earphones are paired with your device and you want to disconnect it just press one of the earphone’s small buttons for 5 seconds to disconnect or power off, either side (the second one) will be off automatically.

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  • How To Receive Call With i9s Earphones

When the earphones are on and connected with the phone e.g android, iPhone, or China Mobile, making and answering calls is supported, and only one side works during phone calls.

Caller number alert, press the function key on working earphone can response calling, then to cancel (end) the call press and hold to reject the call.
Press the function key to hang-up unwanted calls.

  • How To Increase Call i9s Volume

Call volume can be adjusted by your mobile phone only.

  • How To Listen To Music With i9s Earphones

Listening to music is supported when your mobile is connected with earphones.
Here’s how to pause or stop your music via i9s earphones; press the function key stop the music, to resume, you have to re-click to start your sweet music again. 😍

What Is i9sTWS 5.0 Price?

i9s price varies depending on your location or country check the table below to know more

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What is i9s TWS Battery Life?

The battery life span of i9s tws 5.0 is one hour, if your battery does not last up to 1hour that means your battery is becoming weak.

make sure the first day you buy i9s earpieces you have charge it with or original charger plus Semi High voltage (150-200 volt) light or you can use a big generator to charge it.

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