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How To Fix China Cell Phone Mouthpiece

How To Change China Mobile And Cell phones Mouthpiece (mic)

Hello guys, welcome to our China Mobile phone repairing tutorials, I know you have been searching on Google on How To Change Mouth Piece For China Mobile Phones Today I am going to teach or lecture you on how to fix China Mobile mouthpiece Form Scratch (MIC).

Look for a cool place where nobody will disturb you, take with you a bottle of shield water and make sure, you have at least 50% of battery life on your phone.

Have you done that? nevertheless, let skip all the stories and head straight to the Tuts.

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What is MouthPiece (Mic)?

A mouthpiece (micro mic) is the one that transfers your voice to your friend while making calls, in other words without a mouthpiece the person you call will not be able to hear what you are saying.

How to know when the mouthpiece is malfunctioning?

This is how it started, when you call someone, you will be hearing what the person is saying, but the person is not hearing from you. That’s mouthpiece issues

How to change the mouthpiece on china’s cell phone?

Is very simple as ABC, all you need to do is just follow my steps. I’ll show you how to repair and replace China Mobile mouthpiece for free.


1.) Phone Repairing Scrolls

2.) Soldering Iron

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3.) Original Lead Wire

Now, let me explain how the above stools work and how to make use of them.

• Phone Repairing Scrolls

To cut the long story short, open your phone I mean lose your mobile phone knots and locate the mouthpiece at the bottom {@} after that, get yourself a new mouthpiece (mic) desolder the old one and replace it with the new mic.

How To Change China Mobile mouth piece mic
How To Change China Mobile mouthpiece (mic)

• How To Use Iron Soldering

🔌 Plug the iron solder and wait for five minutes for it to heat, but if you have the one that comes with meters (All-in-one) you have to increase and adjust the level of heat. Now that it’s hot, let’s move to the next step.

• Original Lead Wire

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Make sure you buy original Lead wire, to avoid heartbreak, ☺ original lead is always tick and gummy.

Here’s how to use lead: take the lead and melt it with iron solder, make sure you separate black wire form red meaning, you are to separate + & – to avoid partial contact.

Finally, you have to solder the black and red wire to their positions e.g +&- that’s it, you’re done.

What is China’s Mobile phone?

China Mobile phone is also known as a low capacity cellphone, unlike old Nokia torch. You can use this phone to make calls, text, and send MMS messages to your friends and family.

How to know China Mobile And Cell phones?

Is very simple, a China cell phone is always light and when playing music it has a big and loudspeaker, its body design is attractive.

Is China Mobile phones screen torch or none?

The answer to this question is yes china’s cell phone has a screen torch and none with a qwerty TouchPad.

What is China Mobile screen size?

China’s cellphones have different screen sizes from 300*200 to & 5inch. everybody is not the same, as for me I like small screen phones. you’re free to go for what you like.

Can I Chat On Whatsapp With China Cellphones?

The answer is “YES” Whatsapp do support low ram cellphones example, Nokia 3310, OK Mobile, and T-Mobile.

Conclusion: China’s cell phone is very simple to repair, if at all you have problems meaning something you do not understand ask questions here or you can go to a nearby phone doctor to acquire technician skills. Tell them that, you are interested to learn how to Fix China phones Mouthpiece. luckily if you meet a nice person he or she can teach you how to fix it for free without paying a dime.

Our comment box is always open for everyone to drop his or her opinion.

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