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E go shock all of una. It is not about tribalism. Let’s vote for competency πŸ‘.

We know the main man wey fit to do this work.

Truth to be told, obi is up to the task.

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But na play e dey play. What does he know about politics?

Let’s forget about age and the rest.

We know the main man
Calm down, even an admin is in support of political discussion. This is the fate of our country we are talking about which supersedes blogging. Right now the country is electing new leaders and this indirectly affect online marketing.

We are all in Nigeria, 24 hrs after the announcement of a new president, political discussion can now be banned

I understand where you’re coming from. I prioritize this election more than anyone in this group, I have been twitting and retweeting on twitter since the beginning of this election.

My WhatsApp status are filled with the ongoing practices and informations regarding the election.

I have been 100% active and I haven’t slept well since yesterday.

But breaking an already existing rule guiding the group because of election is a no no. And will not be allowed here.

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If you want to discuss about politics go-to Twitter, everything trending there are all related with the ongoing election. You can air your view there and disclose any malicious activities if you spot any (like I have been doing there since yesterday).

So, the rules guiding the group still stands.

No political discussions here. Please. Kindly go to Twitter.

I’m not sure if the rules were all created by the members or admins alone if an admin can approve of political discussion initially.

No further comment.

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By tomorrow, we shall know the new president of Nigeria as well as the fate of security and economy of the country.
My last grace?

Have I posted anything wrong that goes against the rules guiding this group this morning?

USA girl whatsapp group link

Make una dey calm down ooo. Election will go and na we go remain ooo.

Don’t be pained for dropping views/opinions that against your own political candidate.

Just an advice though….
Bro, rest now. He’s pointing to an app (which is also digital publishing, same as blogging) It does not matter what the app does. At least its taking political discussion away from the group. Those who have interest in it will download and let us rest here

Good evening everyone.

Please, I will like this group to be alive again.

I know we all here are interested in blogging hence being here as a member.

I want us all to learn everyday from eachother and also implement what we’ve learnt and achieve good results.

That’s why I keep pleading with us, to always reveal good updates that will be of benefit to us all.

Even if you think it isn’t worthy to dish out for free, you can always attach your price to it, regarding it is unveiled in the first place.

I want us all to move together, learn together, achieve good results together, cash out huge together and be happy together. After all We are one BIG FAMILY here.

So, I want to conduct a few poll elections, to know where we are most interested in, in blogging.

Therefore, I will briefly, lock the group conversation access for a while till the poll elections are done.

Please I urge y’all to kindly engage in the poll election.

Thank you πŸ™‚
Abeg let’s focus on the goal of the group and put politics aside.

If elections is rigged is same Nigerians like me and you that did that.

Let’s allow INEC calculate results and give us final verdict.

Whoever wins this election will not change this group’s perseverance.

We pray for traffic, good SEO and nice update.

Remember whoever wins will affect bloggers in one way or the other.

What we need now is update on blogging ecosystem.

Thanks for understanding.
Bro I de get mad traffic oo but my Adsense got limit and I stopped working on the site so they required 100k traffic to approve me. And now that the site can not be monetize with any method because it’s a sport site, It’s not encouraging me to work on it but if they approve it, The 100 traffic na small thing.

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