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I recently got accused of writing with AI a few days ago and it pains me to the bone because of the effort I put in writing the content (it’s way to much for it to get denied)

I’m supposed to give the content to one of my writers but I said NO… I should write the content myself to make sure I’m able to impress the client with my incredible writing skills

My area has light issues and I wasn’t able to get Fuel because of Scarcity…

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I’ve to go inside school where I can get electricity and do overnight in a class because I want to meet up with the deadline I gave to the client… Which is in the morning

It was a very rough and uncomfortable night… But I’ve to do it so I don’t go over the deadline

Boom… I submitted the content to this client… Expecting him to be impressed because I unleashed a god mood part of myself to write the content and it’s been a while since I last put so much effort in a content

The client copy the content, paste it in an AI detector and it brings 90% fake

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How come?…

I tried to convinced this client about how inaccurate detectors can be… but he said NO… He no gree…

I even told him to let’s do video call that I can narrate to him what I wrote in every line of the content with my eyes closed so he can confirm I’m the one that wrote it…

It reach the extent that I told him that…

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I no too understand English and I can’t write with complicated words like AI will do… He should give the content to any primary school kids he see around… They will be able to read it and understand

( I no know what else to say to convince him o… But he insisted that the content is fake)

Because of this issue, I dive in on how to this AI content detector works and I saw how easily manipulative and very inaccurate it can be

At conclusion… My findings is that… The more perfect your content is, the higher chance for Content detector to call it fake

After you finish writing your contents and you use a grammar checker tool like grammarly for the content to make it perfect

It will be declared AI


USA girl whatsapp group link

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