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South Africa Scholarship Opportunity School

South Africa scholarship

Like I kept repeating South Africa Scholarship Opportunity School till it started sounding like a broken record. The people I am yet to balance is not up to 4 remaining. Even while I was not on the group, I did settle some. Well that’s aside. God willing things are back on track for me.

I did loose my job as a country manager for FlashScore last year, but right now I did get a better paying job as the Digital Marketing Manager of Pulse. So why I joined back this group for 3 reasons. To let the few folks I am yet to refund know that I will refund them by monthend.

To let anyone here interested in working with Pulse know that we are looking for a YouTube SEO expert. If you have this skilll with proven experience, please send a DM to me asap. I am open to offering links from Pulse to anyone interested, mostly on a link exchange deal. That’s if your website is one that interests me.

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Online Degree For South Africa Scholarship

Because the official price for Online Degree For South Africa Scholarship link post on Pulse is 200k and I am not sure most here would want to pay such amount. Additionally, we are recruiting a Brand Manager, if you know anyone that is interested in this, please send me the person’s linkedin name in my DM. So there it is folks. I am back.

Here is the link for the detailed job description on how to apply for the Brand’s Manager position, To stand better chance, if you feel your experience meets the role. Send me a DM, if I agree, I would personally recommend you to increase your chances.

Salary for the role is between 500k – 800k pending your experience though. The YouTube SEO is a bit urgent and my recommendation counts. So YouTube SEO folks here that don’t mind doing a hybrid role job should holla. You said YouTube SEO expert, na brand manager with too many responsibilities I dey see for the link.

Did you see me sending anything to anybody? Or did you see anybody asking me for anything? See bro, you are just so deceiving as Yakubu. You are still owing people money. You will promise them a date and yet you won’t fulfil it. These tutorials of yours why don’t you apply them and make money to settle your debt.

You still dey owe me money Mr Yakubu Pulse can’t pay such amount monthly. Even Victor Oluwole their senior reporter at Business Insider Africa no collect such If the money is for brand manager it is feasible but you see that Youtube SEO naah anyways to the applicants hehe GentlemenI want to still bring to the notice of everyone here.

High School South African Scholarship

High School South African Scholarship that no matter how long ⁨Arinze⁩ takes before surfacing to start his scam here on this page , he duped me of 81k and never did the just job and after he promised here to refund me, he stopped taking my calls. He took time before coming back here thinking his case has been forgotten.

As far as I am concerned, Arinze⁩ is a dupe and I owe no apology saying that and anyone dealing with him is at his own risk. It’s unfortunate that the Admin refused blatantly to penalize the guy after reports about him were brought here.

The work I contracted him, I later paid to do it with less than 40% of what I paid Arinze and he delivered perfectly without stories. You guys should calm down for Arinze, he will pay you guys your money. He has promised month end. I am optimistic that he will make all payments.

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Hassan leave Chibuzor, think say using scam word anyhow go get to me. A pure scammer would have left deleted the group block everyone. As for Chibuzor I still repeat out case was a pure case of service dispute. Him don day type another epistle, but I see scam in that his epistle, that’s it for me. I won’t say a word again.

This guy is unrepentant. Well , let it be known by all here that u are not a man of ur words. Thanks In this group, I have hired at least three full time staff that have worked with me in my office in Ikeja. In this group, I have hired at least 3 freelance staff that have worked with me.

Whenever they are any form of delays in any of the services I do render, I do make prompt refunds, I have refunded more than enough people I can remember in this group. Then tragedy stuck last year, I lost my job as the first country manager of FlashScore.

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