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3 Active Peter Obi Phone Number & Peter Obi WhatsApp Number

peter obi phone number

This is Peter Obi phone number: 0902654320 for voice calls only, And here’s Peter Obi WhatsApp Number: +234803110558 chat with him respectfully, or else he’s going to block you.

Pay attention, once he picks your call kindly go straight to the point by using political language. Make sure you explain everything to his understanding.

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Peter Obi’s phone number rules: Don’t call him at midnight, Don’t insult him, Avoid bad grammar, Respect him and he will reciprocate.

Remember before you call him first of all check your airtime balance to know if it will carry you or not. In other not to end your call halfway.

Peter Obi Phone Number

Private Number0902654320
Office Number0706434922
Mobile Number0813005001
Peter Ob Phone Number

Things To Note

Don’t forget to add 0 to 9 digits at the end of each contact above.

I intentionally remove the last digit to avoid spam/scam calls.

Peter Obi WhatsApp Number

Manager WhatsApp Contact+234704387645
Private WhatsApp Contact+234916055621
Home WhatsApp Contact+234803110558
Peter Obi WhatsApp Number

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Before you message Peter Obi on WhatsApp you’ve to save his number first to your phone book, And then open your app and chat him up.

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