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How To Earn And Claim $805 Dollars From Barter By Flutterwave Online

How to earn up to $805 in 30 days by referring friends and family to signup and Use Barter by Flutterwave

It’s pretty easy, just tell your F&F (friends and family) to install and sign up for Barter by Flutterwave using this code Bauchi, and you earn money when they do so.

The idea around this is to help each other out you simply tell your F&F to use the referral code Bauchi when signing up for Barter and we’ll pay you.

This is how it works…
📍 Ask friends, family, and colleagues to download and install the Barter by Flutterwave app on the app store.
📍They should create an account using this code Bauchi as referral code
📍Confirm if they have signed up
📍Compile their full names and send for verification sends to @elabdoul for verification.
📍After verification, you will be funded through the app within 24 hours. You can then transfer the money to your bank account

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This Is What You Will Get:

  • 10 people = $2,000
  • 20 people = $5,000
  • 30 people = $7,000
  • 40 people = $9,000
  • 50 people = $15, 000
  • 60 people = $17, 000
  • 70 people = $19, 000
  • 80 people = $21, 000
  • 90 people = $23, 000
  • 100 people = $25,000

Things To Note:

We emphasize using the referral code Bauchi when signing up so that your referral will count as valid.
You only get funded for people we can verify, so please make sure they use the referral code Bauchi.

Message me @elabdoul on Telegram for any questions concerning the whole process.

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Verification starts 30 days from now! 😊😊😊

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