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Seeing weirdly accurate ads while browsing? Ad personalization can help you control ads through high-speed web hosting

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Are you tired of the excessive flow of advertisements that haunt you on the internet, overwhelmed that it keeps you away from the internet because of the stress and pain it causes you? Google’s ad personalization feature can help you fix this.

On a daily basis, we receive a lot of advertisements on the internet, which can be very annoying. They prevent your smooth view of the desired content and sometimes automatically redirect you without any prior permission.

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But understanding how these ads appear on the sites we visit can give us better control over the types of ads we see on the Internet.

There is an endless global debate about ads and the data they require to be displayed. Sometimes you are puzzled by the accuracy of these ads. Surprisingly, a good number of them tend to show you things of interest.

These advertisements are assembled based on what you search for on the internet; your most frequent searches become the most redundant advertisements you receive.

This simply means that companies like Google check what you search for and in turn use that information to serve your ads. Ads can sometimes become a pain in the ass due to their persistence with every click you make on the internet, but not for long. With ad personalization in your Google account, you can control the type of ads you receive. See how.

Control your internet experience with ad personalization in your Google account

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While you cannot reduce the number of advertisements you receive on the Internet, you can restrict the type of advertisements you see. After seeing how much data Google collects from your searches and how accurate it is, you’d be a little surprised. But you can control the type of information collected in your searches through your Google account.

Open the setting on your device and select Google or sign in to your Google account via your web browser.

If you use the setup, select “manage your account”. Once signed in, navigate to “Data & Privacy” and scroll down to Ad Settings. Your ad personalization will be activated automatically, which means that Google sends you ads that interest you.

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Scrolling down the page, you’ll see information like age range, gender, languages you speak, and other things you search about. These form the type of advertisements you receive.

Select items from the list that you don’t want to see ads and disable them. This will help narrow down the range of topics your ads will come from.

PRO TIP: You can also work on customizing ads for YouTube on this page.

There is also the option to disable ad personalization on this page. This will prevent Google from using your search results to serve ads. Google promises not to give out or leak the information it collects from your search to any company.

They prioritize their customer’s information to a height and wouldn’t fail to keep to their word.

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