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Zoranga Review – Is Legit Or Scam Airtime Business Site?

Is Zoranga Legit Or Scam

Gone are the days we mistakenly recharge our cell phones with a premature amount of airtime. This is Zoranga Review — check users comment.

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Let me share small testimony of how I mistakenly recharged my Andriod phone, This happened when I started typing faster and I mistakenly type 20000 instead of 2k worth of airtime. 

Immediately my heart sank down to my stomach, and come to realize that 50% of the money is not mine. 

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Guest what? I started crying like inside my room thinking about to refund or reverse the airtime I bought yet solution. 

I’m so happy today because is fully available to buy all the airtime I got through USSD, and they finally paid me exactly the amount I was imagining. 

Zoranga Review About Android App

Zoranga Android is safe to use for airtime exchange to cash.

How To Convert airtime to cash

Convert airtime to physical money: enables you to exchange MTN, Airtel, 9mobile, and GLO network airtime to coins. You can convert airtime pin or airtime loaded on your cell phone to coins.

How To Power your business

Power your commercial Business: Whether you are creating a subscription provider, an on-demand marketplace, an e-trade store, or a crowdfunding platform, offer your clients a way to pay you with airtime.

How To Get Faster Payouts

Faster Payouts: Sending cash out of your Zoranga account is unfastened and is commonly finished with five minutes. There is not any withdrawal limit and you may withdraw any time of the day.

Zoranga Review For Business Deal

Zoranga has finally built a new standard for micropayments with airtime or recharge vouchers.

  • For Merchants Accept payment with airtime. 
  • For Customers Easily convert airtime to cash. 
  • For Charities Accept donations with airtime.

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What is Zoranga

Zoranga is the fastest way to convert recharge cards to cash. Zoranga has constructed a fashionable manner for Nigerians to convert airtime to any cryptocurrency coins. Zoranga’s meticulously-designed APIs and unrivaled capability assist online corporations to create a simple way for Nigerians to pay you with airtime.

Every day, we convert airtime well worth tens of millions of naira to coins for each of our non-public and business clients. Businesses have the assurance of our advanced fraud protection and price safety policy.

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Zoranga Referral Program

Zoranga referral program is closed for now till further notice.

Who is the founder of Zoranga

The CEO of zoranga is as: Michel Johnson Oman he created zoranga on 25/11/2013

How to login to Zoranga

Open your browser type in and click on GO button to access it content.

How old is Zoranga

Zoranga is 8years plus.

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Zoranga registration

Goto zoranga official page then scroll up to the right corner of your screen then tap on sign up button.

Last Thought On Zoranga Review

Zoranga is 100% legit for airtime exchange business, convert your recharge vouchers to coins or real cash to be withdrawn via bank transfer. That’s my opinion about the Zoranga review.

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