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United Kingdom Scholarship For International Student In Uk

UK Scholarships

Copying is different bro. I’m talking about blogs claiming ETA and all of that while some are claiming they are writing longer and value posts. If you read the tussle between Wealthy Gorilla and Celebrity net worth, you will understand what I mean

It is not about the number of words or how unique the article is Adam Enforey was also hit by Google update, trust me, once he files a complaint he will come back up gradually. Think of it while is it that some blogs are immune to this update.

Speaking of another thing, Look at the recent case of Mayo clinic, where Google was showing the Advertisement label of Mayo clinic in their featured snippet. Immediately it was reported and it was solved.

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UK Scholarships On Release

Bro this update na them SEO gurus dey cause am. So I don’t blame google at all. Everyone wants to have a large, fat pocket jare. Just be praying that the update doesn’t hit you, especially to those people like me that can’t manage two blogs 😂

Good evening everyone please those who have changed dollars this month, do bdc have cash naira? Or na transfer

I have not gone out for sometime cos no money, i am like a prisoner. I need cash to move around 😔 What does it mean when your traffic source is Thanks so much, bosses for the vouch. We had a successful deal.

I can customize it and remove watermark from free one but I busy now. You need the GP free version for this. With a few customization, you are good to go. The rate at which google is banning accounts no be small thing ooo. Be wise guys.

Na only yet to be approved account I have ever seen getting this response from Google. Copy and paste Bloggers go learn from this.

If you are to even copy blogs, spin the article and do proper editing or by giving credit to the owner at the end of the blog post. e.g credit: I have someone I wrote to like I wrote comprehensive why he needs to stop copying my blog post and even issuing treats.

After 2 days he continues and does it back to back, I am finding a way to do him a strong thing But warn him first before sending him DMCA, Locking contact doesn’t help they know ways around it, Done that nothing changes.

Sure, but let them go through the stress. I have not, I just warm him, and he stops and continues again, So that is why I never file thinking he will stop totally. Baba still gets mind to tell message me and inform me that, he has taken my snippets 😃

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Fix For United Kingdom Scholarship

Please how can I grow a religious based telegram channel? Who get unverified uk or verified naija with google content ( ads limit want to send me to my village ) Have u followed that PDF procedure? Or use strong browser.

Poor internet connection causes it at times, If after clearing the cache it persists, then page css is not loading. Wait & try again later. The Google March core update is here.

Google just started rolling out the March 2023 core update, as usual, many sites that were affected by the last update will resurrect while many high ranking sites will be buried starting today.

Congratulations to those that it will favour, also my condolences goes straight to those that will fall victim this time.

If it affects your site, don’t cry, it is not the end of your blogging journey. Wishing you all the best 😄 Please update de affected person back to back? Cos the one wey affect me the last time I never even come out of it.

Nothing remain to be affected again oo unless they wan ban my URL You may not believe. There are people that are never hit by Google updates.

I know one of them. Where did you get this info from? Many sites that where affected will by the last update will resurrect… Can you kindly enlighten us What you said here is an assertion… It doesn’t have anything to with prayer.

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Active Scholarships For UK Students

You spoke as though you know something about this updates more Just gist us… How will de resurrect Do you mean that google intentionally bring some down and others up And then they reconsider those affected in the past and bring them up again?

D only way out is to have an alternative to google else i pity d person’s mental health, And still after all these guess what Google Don’t Care Google that is now controlling how u can place ads in ur own app o…just coz ur app is on playstore. Note not admob o

Now here is the trick they use this policy to moderate other ad networks and dis policy never came up with admob but other ad networks na soso wahala here nd there 😂 Google trying to sidelide anything nd anything that affects em.

Well sha we move….all these will just make my admob price go high nothing serious for me though they will be fine ✌️ At this rate. Almost 80% of blogs has been in one way or the other been affected by Google update (only 20%) are may exempted.

And that doesn’t mean they won’t be hit. – this is an un-statistical fact (via my personal assumptions buttressed with a 30% research). We are just a play toy for Google. We just pray the update favors us ALWAYS.

But the smart bloggers are already bagging their dedicated audience with email list, through their social media platforms to have them keep revisiting their site thus having a reoccurring traffic (regardless if they’re hit by the update or not).

While other proficient bloggers combine massive advertising to it. Thus reaching a wider audience, promise them goodie bags (such as discounts to their products and services) if they subscribe to their email list.

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