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Union Bank Declined Card Transaction Debit Alert

If you receive a “transaction declined and debited alert” message when attempting to withdraw money from your card through an ATM machine or a POS Terminal, here are a few things to check:

  1. Ensure you input the correct PIN and that your account is sufficiently funded to cover the transaction amount
  2. Are you trying to use your Naira card for an international transaction above $50? Please remember that the monthly international spend limit on your Union Bank Naira card is $50
  3. Ensure you are not trying to use your Dollar card for a Naira transaction. Don’t have a Naira card? Not to worry, we’ve got you covered. Dial 82621# to request a card and have it delivered to you.* You can also pick up your card at any branch of your choice
  4. Have you activated your card? If you haven’t, you can activate it on any Union Bank ATM. Alternatively, you may visit your nearest Union Bank branch

Union Bank will never ask you for your PIN, Passwords, BVN, or ATM card details via calls or texts. When in doubt, please call 07007007000.

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Debit Alert Via Declined Card Transaction Union Bank

This is how to recover your declined debited money from the union bank of Nigeria follow these steps;

  • Locate any Union Bank near you
  • Go to customer care section
  • Explain what happened to them
  • Tell them how you try to withdraw money
  • But it shows decline and debited you
  • Without dispensing the money
  • A dispense form will be given to you
  • Just fill it and then submit it
  • Union bank agent will help you to recover
  • All your money within 24-hours
  • Please excisers patience everything will be fine.

Union Bank can help you get back your money if only you can visit any of their branch near you and fill out the error dispense form and then your money will be refunded within 24 hours.

For further inquiries, please contact UnionCare, our 24/7 multilingual contact center on 07007007000 or send an email to:

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