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Read New Track Royal Wiring Instructions

How to install track royal plus wiring instructions

First of all, you need to read wiring instructions to enable you to carry out the process, follow the steps below;


Before use please read carefully and use under these safety wiring instructions.
Before commencing any electrical work ensure the supply is switched off at the mains.
wiring should be under the latest edition of the IEE regulations (BS 7671).
Wire identifications twin and Earth cable.

*EARTH = Green/Yellow Sleeving
*BLACK/BLUE = Neutral

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The ends of the individual conductors should have the insulation removed by approx. 12mm. Any bare earth conductors should be sleeved to within 12mm of the ends. (these details are for general information only and conductor lengths may need to be trimmed in certain installations).

If In Doubt Consult A Competent Electrician

GENERAL INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Switch off the power supply at the consumer unit and remove the fuse from the circuit.


1. Release the faceplate retaining screws and support the product as you remove it from the wall.

2. the new product must be wired up in the same way as the old one.

3. The simplest way is either to label each conductor with the location of the terminal to which it connects as you release it or to transfer one conductor at a time to the corresponding terminal on the new product, (Alternatively refer to the appropriate wiring diagrams for guidance).

4. Before refixing the new product, double-check your connections.

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5. place the product into the wall box, ensuring that no wires are trapped.

6. once you are sure that all work has been completed correctly, replace the fuse for the circuit, switch the power back on, and test.

NOTE: If your installation uses a four lug metal mounting box, remove the top and bottom lugs or bend fully back.


1. select the appropriate size of the mounting box (metal or patress) for either flush or surface mounting.

2. Ensure that the mounting box is free of any plaster lumps and projecting screws in the Central Areas of the box.

3. Always use a cable of the correct rating and type.

4. Route the cable through the most suitable entry point of the mounting box, if a metal box is used, ensure that a protective cable grommet is fitted.

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5. Carefully arrange the wiring to lie along the edges of the product or box, keeping the central area clear.

6. To assist with the correct installation of this product please consult the appropriate wiring diagram. when connecting the new accessory ensure that only the bare end of the wire enters the terminal, and no bare wires are visible. Always tighten the terminal screws securely.

7. An earth connection should always be made between the mounting box earth terminal and the accessory earth terminal. if this earth wire is bare, it must be sheathed with a length of green/yellow Sleeving.

8. Carefully position the accessory into the wall box, ensuring that no wires are trapped between the plate and the wall, and fully secure using the fixing screws provided. Don’t over-tighten the screws.

9. Once you are sure that all work has been completed correctly, replace the fuse for the circuit, now switch the power bank on, and test. The product is now ready for use.

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