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Telegram Rose And Marie Bot Commands – New Updates

Telegram Rose And Marie Bot Commands

We are here to keep you up today with telegram rose & Marie bot commands

New Rose update: 22/11/2020

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Introducing random filter/notes/greeting contents.
Having the same filter EVERY time can be a bit boring sometimes. So now, you can have Rose pick a reply to a word at random! Simply separate the two contents by percentage “%%%”, on a new line.

For example, the following will set a filter on the rose as usual, but Rose will randomly alternate between Heya, that’s me!, or You called?. Cool, right?
/filter rose
Heya, that’s me!
Did you call?
You can add as many random filters as you’d like, so enjoy! These can be used on notes, filters, and greetings.

And, as usual:
– Bugfixes
– Updated translations

telegram rose marie commands bot
telegram rose marie bot commands

16/10/2020 Rose update!

Telegram has updated the bot API – and of course, that means updates for Rose too!
– Fix anti-channel-pin issues caused by the new multipin logic
– Stop /admin list from showing anonymous users
– Add the /unpin all command to unpin all messages
– Replying /unpin to a message will attempt to unpin that message

And of course…
– Support for anonymous admins to run commands.

When an anonymous admin runs a command, Rose will now send a message asking for that admin to press a button. This will allow Rose to know who that admin is without leaking their identity to others – which means that she can confirm that they have the necessary permissions to use that command.

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If you don’t care about security, you can also use the /a nonadmin command to simply give full admin permissions to any anonymous admins. This means they won’t need to press any buttons, but also means that there is no way of knowing if they’re allowed to use those commands.

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– Various bug fixes and optimizations
– Updated all languages

Enjoy – and let us know in the support chat if you have any issues.

*Rose 11/09/2020 update!

Nothing big today, but a lot of small, helpful changes:
– The /reports command (with no argument) now shows the current setting.
– The /report and @admin commands now work without needing to reply to a message to report.
– The /warnings command now shows the amount of time the warnings will last for.
– Anonymous chat creators can now use creator commands again (such as /import, /clearall, /stopall, etc).
– The usual bugfixes and backend improvements.
– Update translations. Rose now speaks 🇺🇦 Ukrainian! Big thank you to all those that have contributed 🙂

Another note:
Some people have been waiting for Rose to allow anonymous users to fban. However, this causes issues, since it would de-anonymize the user. I believe that anonymous users should have their privacy respected, but also believe that federation commands should log the person who did the ban.
For that reason, anonymous fbans will not be coming to Rose (at least for now). If you have more questions, feel free to ask in the support chat.

20/08/2020 update!

Just a few small features today, nothing too big.

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– Added the new /fedreason command, which allows a fed owner to force whether or not fbans should have reasons. Enabling this will reject all fbans that are made without specifying a reason.
– Fixed a bug where @admin was sometimes matched incorrectly.
– /newfed no longer renames your fed if you already have one. Instead, use /renamefed.
– Using /connect in a chat now shows a deeplink to connect to Rose instead of sending a message in PM. This should help reduce errors, which in turn will reduce some rate limits from telegram. Also means that anonymous admins can easily connect to chats again!
– Anonymous admins removing warnings will no longer be exposed as anonymous.
– Various improved error messages.
– Updated translations.

If any Polish, Dutch, or Taiwanese speakers would like to help with Rose, the translations on crowding are getting old – a lot of strings are missing. If you would like Rose to keep speaking those languages, please update them 🙂

Enjoy! Telegram Rose and Marie Bot Commands.

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