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And that’s why you keep on ignoring all my messages?

I have sent several messages apart from that and to me it seems I’m spamming your DM.

I have vowed already, I won’t slide into any big boys DM again in my life, but he get how me and you linked up and you are the one that slides into my DM.

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Your reaction has made me never to help any up upcoming newbies in my life, I felt bad bro, I won’t lie but I have to think deeply not to act…

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I know I’m not there today, and I’m not among the big boys in the industry today, but I know I would get there one day 📌.

If you have knowledge on a field no misuse am or see yourself superior than others.
I won’t say more than this.

Best of luck bro.

Leave am make he hold his knowledge.

I’m not feeling entitled. I know he would need peoples help in one way or the other or would surely slide to my DM one day.

In fact I don’t know what people are really turning this blogging industry to.

I posted something here a few days ago, one of my adsence account got limited, can you imagine a guy shared a course he bought Here for free and it helps out and also told not to sell out that course. Is that one not a good example? And I don’t know the guy, we haven’t seen each other physically before.

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It is always good and fine to ask concisely and clearly whatever challenges we are facing

There are dudes who can help or can recommend

Take for example

If you need good strategy to do keyword research And needed someone to put you through on sure link.

You can ask, also, you can add little token to support the person not necessarily anyway.

If we learn to ask questions, we can actually get to our full potentials

Once I open ur messages, I must reply u. Except I didn’t see it, cos I usually have loads of messages in my DM. But once I open it, we trashing out everything at once. And I try as much as possible to open all the messages one by one at their own time.

USA girl whatsapp group link

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Like I do, whenever I see questions and challenges people posted, I tried as much as possible to answer and if it will cost Dem token to render the service I will surely say.

Nonetheless, let us imbibe esprit de corps spirit.

It will help us l grow together

Yes na. For me I know I always like to type nonsense way I get time for it and I no dey expect any reply from anyone 🤣

So if person type nonsense for my dm I fit no reply especially when I dey chase the paper 🥴

Even if you are ready to pay, this guy won’t see you serious.

Their believe is that once they have an update paying them, they won’t want to cast it unless the update casted, that’s when they would be dropping stupid info that they knows it, meanwhile it has been casted already.

Samething applicable here when we purchased remedy’s TikTok arbitrage course, when it casted that’s when they are criticizing us that we shouldn’t buy, na scam, we can do it, since they know we can do it, why didn’t they dropped the update.

Even if you want to pay this guys, they won’t accept it, but if They see anyone who really wants to help us for small amount, they would attack him/her so that the course won’t sell.

I won’t say more than this, all I would say is that bemzems should mind his words, he is your friend doesn’t mean you should be siding him.

There are guys in this group that we all knows that they are millionaires and have real updates, and they would never snub you, @⁨Itfrankl is a good example.

I love that guy, he didn’t see himself superior than others, he treat everyone equally irrespective of their genders, he would and cam never snub you. Always replying texts.

But you, you never get there you still dey form.

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I won’t say more than This, I just have to reply this comment.

All this articles because I didn’t reply your messages.

Guy how long have you been blogging?

If you continue ranting about people not replying you, you will just make a nuisance of yourself.

We had a chat for the first time that very and you are already asking which ad agency I use and ROI (first chat ever), I don’t even know you man!

If other people reply easily to those type of questions I Don’t bro!

Now you are coming here to say trash. You don’t even know me bro

Imagine somebody that went as far as asking me about generator and I explained to him is selecting those that attend to him.

I’ve also advice this guy to take a course that can solve all these newbie blogging questions that he ask frequently.

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I dey fear some people here.

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