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Paul Henri Sandaogo Damiba Phone Number & WhatsApp Number

Paul Henri Sandaogo Damiba Phone Number And Whatsapp Number: Hello Guys, Here are the current president of Burkina Faso mobile phone numbers +2267095432, and +2264023197.

How To Get Burkina Faso President Phone Number?

Only use this phone number “+2268026732” to reach him through call, and “+2262012864” for text messages. You can as well communicate with him in English for a successful discussion.

You must have something in mind before contacting the president, So that, You will know where to begin and how to end it.

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When he picks up your call quickly greet him this way “Good morning my excellency, My names are e.g John Exman, etc“. Now you have to go straight to the point by telling the reason for your calling.

Paul Henri Sandaogo Damiba Phone Number List

Home Phone Number+2269016321
Office Phone Number+2260683214

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Paul Henri Sandaogo Damiba WhatsApp Number

This is President Paul Henri Sandaogo Damiba WhatsApp Number: +2265038210 Save the Whatsapp contact to your and start a LIVE video call with him during the evening period by 5:00pm.

Don’t use this particular mobile contact of the Burkina Faso president Damiba Coup Phone Number because is always busy +2264048763.

Final Advice: Please don’t disturb his phone with too many calls, You are advised to send an SMS.

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