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Nigeria Order Works Review: Is N.O.W Online Business Legit Or Scam


KNOWLEDGE IS POWER, If you have not heard about NIGERIA ORDER WORKS REVIEW (N.O.W) Before Please check through Users reviews before signing up.

Someone once said asked a question if online business is legit or scam in Nigeria, The answer Yes/No not all online business in Nigeria is scam some are legit while others are scam.

You need to scan them and select your choice E.g NORDERWORKS.COM That’s it.

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How Does Nigeria Order Work?

1. Complete 20 tasks every day and get 6%-8% income immediately.

  1. Share with friends to get referral rewards (only level1 has), he will become your subordinate, and the platform will release management commissions to you(And tell them: After completing the registration, download the application, you will get 500 naira).

What Is Nigeria Order Works?

Nigeria Order Works is a platform that works in affiliation with Amazon sales to improve Adds on online sales, it’s services are to help these online sales gain more Ads.

On the part of the User, you register with Nigeria order works which is free and after registration you receive 500 in your wallet as a welcome bonus.

You do your daily tasks for the platform by confirming 20 orders daily, as you confirm this orders the platform pays you for it, when you register you will be in VIP 1 where your daily earnings will be little.

But to be earning much more you must recharge your account with at least 5000 and move to VIP 2, if you recharge your account you will see the money in your wallet.

It doesn’t go anywhere, then doing your daily tasks on VIP 2 your money begins to pile up daily, the higher the money in your wallet the higher your daily earnings.

Nigeria Order Works Withdrawal Limit?

Minimum withdrawal is 2000 Naira and withdrawal days are from Mondays to Fridays 10am-6pm, you can withdraw as many times as you want during the week or in a day within that time margin.

To earn bigger you should also invite people to use the platform because the platform is in need of more people to help them do these work of confirming sales.

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As you invite people who do their daily tasks you get bonuses, the platform gains from the daily tasks people do, the platform is registered and the banks they work with collect tasks too from them, so with Nigerian order works everyone earns.

There are two ways to increase income

1、 You can unlock higher-level VIP areas by charging, while investing #5k on the ordinary VIP2 level can earn up to 6.4% (#350).

VIP3 members invest #30k and you will get a 7% (#21) reward within one day.

VIP4 members invest #100k, you can earn up to 7.2% (#720k) in one day

2、Team income:The reward for directly increasing the first-level user is 16% of the daily commission of the first-level user, and the reward for the second-level user is 8% of the daily commission of the second-level user.

The third-level user reward is 5% of the third-level user’s daily commission.

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*Charge up to perform advanced task and get high commissions

*Develop the team quickly and get high team income.

I will give you two examples:

Example 1: Invest in 30,000 Naira areas to complete tasks and earn 2,300 Naira per day
2500×30 You can earn 75,000 in one month, plus 30k investment can reach 100,000
(After upgrading to Vip4, you will be able to complete tasks in the 100k area)

Example 2: Your team members invest 30k to earn 2500 per day, You will get a commission of 2500×16%, with a ratio of 400.

When you have 100 members investing, you will earn an extra 40000 per day.

This explains the three things we need to do next:

  1. Train more subordinates and apply for rewards in the app.
  2. Instruct our subordinates to enrich and increase their income. Only when their income increases can they perform their tasks.
  3. Invite all registered subordinates to join your group

For the first recharge of all subordinates of all partners in the group, I will reward 500 naira (member’s recharge only rewards the first recharge)

Share and get others informed 🍻

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Finally Words For Nigeria Order Works Review

Nigeria order works review is here to let you know that this platform is no longer safe for work (NSFW) that means you guys should stay away this referral site.

Look for something else to keep yourself busy and enjoy your life.

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