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Mtn 100mb Free Browsing Via NapsternetV Vpn 100Mb To 4Gb Daily

NapsternetV Mtn 100Mb free browsing o.ok cheat VPN 2021

This is another Mtn 100Mb free browsing cheat for Nigerian people to browse, stream, and download any things online via NapsternetV VPN. But remember is not unlimited free browsing because it capped at 100Mb per daily.

One thing I like about this app is STRAIGHT forward to configure, and it has a strong secured coded build-in file, that prevents your internet service provider from blocking your cheat.

This year more mtn free browsing cheat is loading, I mean we have plenty of freebies for Naija people browse and watch youtube videos for free without paying a dime.

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How to setup NapsternetV VPN?

You don’t have to stress yourself with the setup/configuration process, cos we have already made a config file for you to upload to your NapsternetV VPN. Get it here.

How to increase Mtn 100MB free browsing via NapsternetV VPN to 1GB?

The only way for you to increase this Mtn 100Mb free browsing to 1Gb daily is for you to get TEN Mtn sim cards 😔 guy this process no easy bro beta manager wetin u get.

Where to download NapsternetV vpn Apk For Android?

Don’t worry about the tough time Google play store put you through, we have the raw apk file for you to download. Get it here.

Why is my NapsternetV VPN Reconnecting every second?
  • It mine be a poor network
  • You have exhausted your daily data (100MB)
  • Your internet network is in auto switch 2g/3g/4g
  • Make sure you select a 3G or 4G network if available
  • Close every unused app for more internet speed

This mtn free browsing with NapsternetV VPN Is not working for me why?

The reason why this Mtn free browsing via NapsternetV VPN not working is that you still have an unfinished data plan. You have to finish it or use another Mtn 0.0kb sim card.

I have a sim card with zero kobos in it but still refused to connect I have to removed and put in my second Mtn 0.0k sim card.

MTN 100Mb Free Browsing For Napsternet VPN Settings

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Note 📝 this is not unlimited free browsing, like I said earlier, this free internet browsing capped at 100 megabytes per day. And works with few MTN SIM cards you can choose a faster network mode e.g 3G or 4G though I prefer 4g LTE because is very fast in my area.

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Follow the steps below to start enjoying the MTN 100Mb Free Browsing:

  1. Get MTN sim card with o.ok balance
  2. You need to download Napsternet VPN
  3. Don’t forget to download the config file
  4. Remember to rename your downloaded config file
  5. And delete the .txt at the end of the name.
  6. After set and done it will appear like this; MTN 100MB CHEAT.npv2
  7. You need to open the Napsternetv app touch the ➕ icon at the top ยป click on import npv2 config file
  8. Now move to the config file you downloaded from this page use “GOOGLE” as the password when you want to log in
  9. The thing is to click on the play icon at the right bottom corner of the app now tap to start a connection.
  10. It will connect within 3-7 seconds.

Things To Note: if you get connected, remember to click on the stats widget to see your connection logs running Up 📈 and Down 📉 .

If your connection logs are not reading 🔃 that means is not connected. All you have to do now is put your phone on airplane mode and wait for 10seconds then deactivate the airplane mode and connect again.

Then check your stats logs if is running, if it is, successful, now minimize the app and start browsing, streaming, and downloading.

Make sure your mobile phone is not under background restrictions, this can prevent your VPN from powering all apps.

That’s all for now, stay tuned for more updates via our telegram channel @free browsing network

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