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Justin Trudeau Phone Number And Whatsapp Contact

Justin Trudeau Phone Number

Get Justin Trudeau phone number +1619356498 call him for serious disscuss, and whenever you want to interact with him please kindly speak English or French he understands both languages.

Before you call Mr Trudeau make sure you have something important to share with him, If not kindly withdraw don’t waste your time for nothing seek.

They are rules and regulations in terms of speaking with Justin Trudeau via cell phone number. You have to be very careful and mine the kind of words you speak.

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Justin Trudeau Mobile Number

This is another real Justin Trudeau Mobile Number 612-980-326 you can now connect with him whenever you are less busy

Once he picks your call, You’ve to start the conversation by saying “Hello Sir, How are you doing today?” his response will make you feel as if you are in heaven.

Prime Minister had two cell phone numbers please kindly use the second mobile number to call Justin Trudeau also get email contact address.

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Justin Trudeau WhatsApp number

You can now communicate with Justin Trudeau on Whatsapp through his new and active number: +1613875429 copy and save it to your contact book

Now after you most have saved it, go-to WhatsApp App > tap on chat > then search for the number you just saved it will appear > now tap on it and drop your message.

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How do i contact the Prime Minister of Canada

This is how to contact the Prime Minister of Canada;

  • Tap on dialpad.
  • Input +1 at the beginning.
  • Copy and paste the above number.
  • Or Dial +1714658087.
  • Remove your phone from loud speaker.
  • Remember To Speak English.

Prime Minister email address

This is Prime Minister email address:

Justin Trudeau website

Access Justin Trudeau website to get daily updates.

How to meet Justin Trudeau in person

This are the requirements on how to meet Justin Trudeau in person:

  1. You have to dress in suits black and back
  2. With good appearance
  3. You must be a Canadian
  4. At least 25 years old.
  5. Apply good perfume on your suit

Now you are free to meet Justin Trudeau in person.

Justin Trudeau of Canada e-mail address

This is the official Justin Trudeau of Canada Prime Minister email address contact him by 7:00pm that is when he will be available to reply your mail

How to address the Prime Minister of Canada

  • Good day my highness.
  • May you live long.
  • Is my pleasure to meet you.

That’s it. The above steps has covered all other procedures.

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Office of the Prime Minister of Canada

The office of the Prime Minister of Canada is located in Toronto, No 36 Pasha road, opposits Newark filling station.

Justin Trudeau autograph Prime Minister of Canada speech today

Justin Trudeau speech today:

*Is good to be good.

*Holiness leads to Godliness.

*Time is not your friend it is a stranger, it will come and go, get hold of it, when it comes and make use of it.

Justin Trudeau constituency office

Justin Trudeau constituency office is located at Manitoba, Canada.

If you have questions kindly use the comment box and drop your message.

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