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How To Make Voice Calls On Smile 4G Network

How to Download SmileVoice app to make voice calls on Smile 4G network

I got good news for you, Would you believe that you can now download the Smile voice app to generate voice calls in the 4g network?

You can now use your Smile 4G Data bundle for voice calls, SMS, and video calls to call anybody on almost any network, anytime, anywhere from your mobile using the SmileVoice App or putting a Smile SIM into a compatible VoLTE phone.

The service assigns you a Smile mobile amount which everyone can reach you as well. Even better, when traveling globally, you may use your Smile number without the fear of enormous roaming charges.

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Simply connect your smartphone into a regional WiFi or data network service and make your calls at the local Smile per second telephone speed.

How to get Smile-Voice in your Mobile Phone

Add your Smile SIM card into a VoLTE. Compatible the service will be installed automatically, which means you can make SmileVoice calls from the telephone dialler. Be aware that even if you’re not utilizing a VoLTE phone, it’s still possible to use the SmileVoice app.

> Download and install it at no cost (Download Android program | Download iOS app) in your cellphone and follow the steps below:

> Install and start the SmileVoice Program on your mobile, and Choose your country.

> Use your Smile-registered email to request an activation code.

> Your activation code will be sent to you through email.

> The Program will be successfully triggered and you can make your first call.

Smile 4G Promote

Smile 4G is providing out 30 FREE Voice moments and 30 FREE SMSs to telephone or SMS anybody in Nigeria as a welcome promo.

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What Is Smile Voice Call Rate?

SmileVoice call rates are charged in MB. For example, Smile claims that in the event that you have a good 10 GB data program running, your successful SmileVoice phone rate is 8.79 kobo each second.

Sounds like a steal compared to prevailing mobile telephone tariffs. The larger your information package, the lower your successful call rate. All text messages are billed at the worth of two MB of information per SMS.

I also previously subscribed to SmileVoice, got my number, tried it out on my phone, and both voice calls and SMS work as advertised. Interesting that I do not now have a Smile information subscription and I was able to utilize the support within a WiFi connection. We’re taking a look at something similar to how Skype calls the function.

What’s even more intriguing is that the app enables you to incorporate calls to the phone’s dialler, and I will start 4G voice calls from that point. No fiddling around to look for the SmileVoice program to create calls. I will share more about this service as I use my free minutes and SMS over the next couple of weeks.

In conclusion, you wouldn’t want to miss this opportunity with a 4g device. Kindly share this post.

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