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How To Get Google To Index My Site Faster

How to get Google to index your site faster: If you are not bothered with professionalism, one of the things you should do for blogs to be crawled faster and probably rank higher is to include many links in your blog posts.

Make sure they are not outbound links as you don’t want to take your visitors elsewhere but then. If possible, let them be the links to that particular post.

Just like what the guy is doing. Just don’t be as bad as he is.

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I tried it and I notice my posts are indexed faster. It may or may not be the reason but there is no harm in trying.

I have the Rankmath indexing in place too though but seriously, it works.

Yea. I like I’ve mentioned this before (that should be 2 months ago).

Aside from using rank math quick indexer, Interlinking is another great approach for quick indexing your content.

In fact, I feel like my content is naked if I don’t have at least 7-12 related internal links within the content.

The best way to achieve this is to follow the silo approach while creating blog content. (Browse about it).

My post gets indexed within 1 to 2 hours.

Get Google To Index Your Site Faster

  • Just submit your post to URL inspection on GSC often.
  • After a while, your post will generally get indexed faster.
  • In addition to these, try using the rank-math Instant Indexing WordPress plugin.

It works for free. Enjoy.

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