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How to Change a New Phone without Losing your Contacts

How To Change A New Phone Without Losing Your Mobile Contacts Via Gmail

Whether you are switching from one Android phone to another, or out of Android to iOS, or vice versa, there you don’t have to lose your contacts when you change phones.

Modern tablets have complete Gmail or Outlook service and will synchronize your Contacts. Once you set up your Gmail or Outlook to synchronize your phone contacts, each time you switch to a new telephone, all you have to do is install your Gmail/Outlook on the new phone and all your Contacts are wirelessly copied to the new device. Easy! Isn’t it?

Also, any modifications you make to your contacts in Gmail desktop computer are synchronized for your own device and vice versa.

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Here are the steps to take to Make Sure That Your Contacts synchronize across devices:

1. You Want a Gmail or Outlook accounts

Each Gmail or Outlook account gets the Contacts service attached to it, so if you’ve got one, you’re ready to go. If you don’t have one, create one. You may make one on your telephone by going to or If you currently own one, you don’t have to make a second. You may use your current account.

2. Install it on Your Phone

On the phone with which you own your Contacts, launch the Gmail or Outlook program and set up your Gmail account on that telephone for email. Then go to the Settings menu and check out any options to allow synchronization of Contacts and Calendar. If you had your account setup before today, you’re all set.

3. In case you have your contacts on your SIM or phone contacts

Start your Messenger program -> Menu -> Import/Export -> Select to export from SIM/Phone and import into your Gmail/Outlook account.

Once done, you are good to go. All your contacts on your SIM or telephone have been added into a Gmail/Outlook Contacts.

From today on, to include your cell phone contacts to any new device, simply install your Gmail or Outlook account on the apparatus in question and see the magic happen.

It’s possible to stop losing your Contacts when you change from one smartphone to another by using Google or Outlook to keep them synchronized.

Note: When adding new contacts to your phone, always select the option to “Save Google/Outlook contact”. Some devices will insert your email address instead of Google or even Outlook account.

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The above steps apply to all contemporary smartphones, while it’s an Apple iPhone or an Android smartphone. The exact terminologies and menus can differ slightly, depending on just how every manufacturer has implemented its own software, but the process is exactly the same.

So that you remember, here are some steps again: make a Google/Gmail or Outlook account, log into it on your telephone, export your phone or SIM contacts and rescue them under the newest Google/Outlook account.

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Finally, whenever you need to save a new Contact, make sure you store it under your Google or Outlook account. Do not save to SIM or telephone.
In conclusion, you do not need to shed your contacts anymore when you lose your telephone or buy a new smartphone or tablet.

Your contacts are stored in the cloud and can be synced into any mobile device by simply logging in to your Gmail or Outlook account. Kindly share this post.

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