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How do I use my Verve Card to make payments online?

How do I use my Verve Card to make payments online?

If you have just collected your Verve card and are attempting to use it in order to make payments online, you’ll not be able to. There is one little thing you need to do to make it work for online transactions: You want to put up your Safe-token. We explain what Safetoken is and the way to trigger it.

What’s a SafeToken?

In easy terms, Safetoken functions like your hardware or SMS token. The machine generates a One-Time-Password (OTP) whenever a transaction is initiated via Interswitch’s Internet Payment Platform.

As you might already know, Verve cards operate on Interswitch’s network. Though your Verve card has the standard security features like PIN and SVV code, Safetoken is an excess layer of security to your transactions.

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As stated before, you need to trigger Safetoken on your card to be able to generate a One-Time-Password (OTP) when taking out an online transaction.

How To Activate Safetoken On Your Verve Card

Only drive or walk up to an ATM and follow the steps below:

  1. Add your Verve card in the ATM card slot
  2. Type on your 4-digit PIN and press Enter
  3. Select your bank accounts the card has been tied to
  4. Select ‘Quickteller’
  5. Select ‘Pay Bills’
  6. Select ‘Others’
  7. Enter’322222″ since the Biller Code
  8. Enter your telephone number as ‘client Reference’
  9. Accept the N1.00 amount displayed
  10. Click on “Pay Amount Due”
  11. You should receive a successful activation notification

Do not forget that the phone number you enter must be the one associated with your Verve card. Remember you were given instructions to fill in your hotline digits while you were creating your bank account.

That mobile number you filled is exactly the one that you’d input. This hotline number was going to be connected to a BVN.

Anytime you need to make a payment online and an OTP is required of you personally, Interswitch will send it to you through SMS. Simply enter the OTP to complete your transaction.

You Can Get A Safetoken OTP Via USSD Too

Notice that you might also generate OTP for use during online transactions by dialing a shortcode on your documented line. This is how to do this:

> Dial *322*0# using your registered number.

> A listing of your Present cards will be displayed.

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> Select the bank you want OTP to be generated for by assessing the amount.

> An OTP is generated and displayed for the use.

> Enter OTP on the website you’re using your Verve card on to complete your payment. Other methods to get Safetoken OTP

Besides dialing a USSD code, you can get a transaction OTP through the following alternative way:

A. By adding your Verve card to the Quickteller App
B. By Email
C. By texting “Bank Name OTP” to 32122 (Click here for a listing of Banks)

Finally, the above is a succinct guide on ways to use your verve debit card to make payments online. Kindly share this specific post.

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